Gamers Has Voted On What Game They Would Like To See For Next Month’s Games With Gold On Xbox One

Games with gold on the Xbox One so far has been a big hit for most Xbox One owners. While I personally am disappointed with the garbage titles that we’ve received so far I am hopeful that it will change soon. Continue reading

the_elder_scrolls_online-1920x1080 (1)

Is Zenimax On Damage Control Right Now?

The Elder Scrolls Online just released on Steam a few days ago and the forums were immediately filled with people that already own the game telling everyone to stay as far away as they can from this game.  Continue reading

Skyrim ENB Lake

Skyrim Mod – Bloody Facials

In the vanilla Skyrim game you could get hit 100 times and never bleed from your body or face. Bloody facials changes that. When you’re in a prolonged fight with a tough bandit, forsworn, or anything that can make you bleed you’ll actually bleed.  Continue reading


MMO News – ZMR, Archlord 2, And More

There is a lot going on this week for MMO’s. Archlord 2, ZMR, and Swordsman Online have all gone into open beta testing. I’ve played both Archlord 2 and Swordsman Online and so far they’re both pretty good games.  Continue reading

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