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10 Games That Deserve A Reboot Or Sequel Part 9 – Megaman

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MegaMan has been a part of my life since I was born. The blue bomber captured my imagination as a child and took me on incredible adventures. During the 80’s and 90’s, and early 2000’s we got some fantastic MegaMan games, but MegaMan seems to have faded away. He’s been reduced to a fighter that you can choose on Super Smash Bros and that’s just sad.

I didn’t like the last two MegaMan games. MegaMan 10 wasn’t what I wanted when I asked for a new MegaMan game. It’s like CapCom has no idea what they’re going anymore with the iconic blue bomber and that’s the real sad part. MegaMan deserves a comeback. This series needs to be rebooted.

MegamanCapcom Is focused on everything else except MegaMan. The game that put them on the map has been reduced to almost nothing. Even people that don’t play games know who MegaMan is. That’s just how popular his character has become over the years.

I haven’t played a good MegaMan game in a long time. MegaMan 10 was a good game, but it’s not what I wanted. Make a new MegaMan game with updated graphics and stop trying to cater to our nostalgia Capcom.

Mighty No 9 is the spiritual successor to MegaMan, but it’s not MegaMan and I don’t think it will dethrone MegaMan from his pedestal.

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Share Your Thoughts!