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10 Things I Want To See In The Division 2

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I love The Division. It’s the best multiplayer game to play right now and I’ve put over 250 hours into the game with my wife. It’s not perfect, but if Ubisoft adds these 10 things to the second game it could be close to it. 

10. Enemy Variety

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. The Division has always lacked in enemy variety when compared to games like Warframe and Destiny. This could be fixed easily in the sequel by giving the enemies we fight access to more equipment. Why are there no dog units, motorcycle riders, helicopters, or any vehicle except for boss fights? Running from dogs while its owners are chasing us on motorcycles would be awesome. How a biker faction? It’s something different and I think people would enjoy going up against a faction like that.

9. Vehicles

I know I just mentioned vehicles above, but this isn’t about vehicles for our enemies. I want something for myself to ride. Even if it’s just a skateboard I’ll be happy. Step out of your comfort zone and give us vehicles. Are you telling me that with all the fancy technology that the JTF has they can’t make some sort of vehicle for our character to ride on? It would make getting around town a lot faster and would encourage exploration since I won’t be walking for 30 minutes.

8. Keep The Sequel In New York

I’m not against The Division 2 taking place in a new region, but I would prefer if it stayed in New York. There’s a lot of New York City that’s not covered in The Division and keeping there would be great. There’s already a game that takes place in Chicago and I don’t think we need two Ubisoft games that take place in the same area.

7. More Weapon Variety

We have your basic pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, submachine gun, sniper rifle, and light machine gun. Those are nice, but why can the enemies use flamethrowers and we can’t? Why can they use grenade launchers and we can’t? It shouldn’t be too hard to add a special weapon slot with limited ammo that we could use in extreme circumstances. Or how about you just make acquiring those weapons incredibly hard and only the dedicated few would have them? I want more weapon variety in general and adding anything besides a new rifle would be great. How about giving us some melee weapons? What about dual wielding? The sky is the limit here guys.

6. An Expanded Skill Tree and Perk System

I rarely change my perks and skills in The Division. I’ve tried them all and I have multiple builds that utilize certain skills, but I want more. Expand the skill tree. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic, but how about adding tiers to what we have now? What about adding a fourth skill tree that focuses on hacking or some shit?

5. Focus on PvE More Than PVP

The heavy focus on PVP almost killed The Division. There was a time with almost no one played the game because it took Ubisoft forever to add new PvE content to the game while they were focused on PVP focused modes like Survival and Last Stand. Reverse your direction with The Division 2 and make it more PVE focused. Keep expanding the game and adding more worthwhile content to it. I’m not saying don’t support PVP at all because I love the Dark Zone, but don’t make PVP your number 1 focus when developing the game.

4. Combine The First Division Game With The Second One

Here’s the other half of my reason for wanting The Division to stay in New York. Do what Total War: Warhammer did and combine the first game with the second one. It’ll give us something to fall back on while waiting for new content to release for The Division 2. Don’t make the mistake Destiny 2 did and not have shit for us to do a week after the game releases. It’s a good way to lose players.

3. Let Our Character From Part 1 Carry Over To Part 2

I want to use my main dude from the first Division in the second one. The Division is built for that because enemies spawn at your level all over the map once you hit 30. New characters wouldn’t have to worry about being ganked because they’ll be fighting level 1 enemies in their game. Combining the two games and letting the hardcore players keep their characters is a great way to keep us playing. I’m not against starting from the beginning with a level 1 dude, but I would prefer to keep my character that I’ve grown attached to over the last two years.

2. Increase The Level Cap or Gear Score

This one ties into what I just mentioned above. If they let us keep our character to prevent us from being too overpowered increase the level cap by 30 and let us grind up to level 60 or just increase the gear score again.

1. Make Every DLC Free For Everyone

Nothing separates a community more than DLC. Having all future content free for everyone would make sure the community stays together. Everyone would be able to enjoy the future content and we won’t have to wait in queues to find people to play new content with.

That’s my list of improvements I want to see in the next Division game. What are some changes you would like to see come in the next game?

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    The Night Owl
    Jan 10, 2018 6:34 pm

    I’d be rapt if a sequel were integrated into this game like you said and it was a clean transition. So much good work has been done to get the game to this point that it’d be a shame to waste it. 🙂

    I remember jumping back to vanilla Destiny after The Taken King expansion and it seemed there was nothing at all there for vanilla players which didn’t give me any reason or incentive to look at the DLC. I think if games want to have players buy into it more they need to give a bit in return too .

    • Omar Jackson
      Jan 10, 2018 9:58 pm

      I agree. The amount of work that’s gone into The Division is admirable. The devs have done a great job with the recent changes and integrating part 2 with part 1 would keep those awesome changes and be a major step in the right direction. You’re also spot on with Destiny too.

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