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10 Things I Want To See In The Next Elder Scrolls VI

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With Fallout 4 being announced and another Doom game I can’t help, but wonder when an Elder Scrolls 6 will be announced. If Bethesda sticks to their tradition of releasing an Elder Scrolls game every 5 years then we should see The Elder Scrolls 6 soon.  The Elder Scrolls has always been my favorite RPG series and it still is today. I’ve never had the amount of freedom that this series has given me in the beautiful world of Tamriel. Every Elder Scrolls game has it’s flaws, but they’re always filled with tons of content and things that no other RPG has and that’s what has me coming back to them time and time again. Here are 10 things I want to see in the next Elder Scrolls game.

10. Add More Guilds/Guild Advancements

I love The Elder Scrolls to death, but we always get the exact same guild in every Elder Scrolls game. How about some fresh ideas already? I’m tired of having to choose between the Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, and Thieves Guild. How about adding in a guild centered around Necromancy? I would love a Hunting, Blacksmith, Trading, a guild centered around exploring the land around us. Bring back guild advancements, and skill requirements in order for us to get to the next rank too. Stop taking out content and start adding some in already.

9. Better Animations The animations in Skyrim are bad. Every Elder Scrolls game in existence has bad animations. I think ESO, I can’t believe I’m complimenting it right now, is going in the right direction with the animations in an Elder Scrolls game, but it’s no fun to play. The next Elder Scrolls game, not Skyrim 2 non Elder Scrolls fans, needs to improve their animations a lot. Skyrim was a step forward to Oblivion, but it’s still no where near as good as it should be. Hopefully the new engine that Bethesda has created for The Elder Scrolls 6 will solve this problem. I don’t just mean running/walking animations. I want everything covered from swinging a sword in first person to casting a lightning spell at them. 2014-11-18_00002

8. Better Ragdoll Effects How many times have you seen a giant smack something into oblivion? I’ve lost count over the years, but it’s a lot and it’s hilarious. I think it’s time for Bethesda to get serious about this though. If I shoot someone with a arrow or bolt they shouldn’t fly 1 billion miles a1way from me unless I’m using my unrelenting force shout.

7. Bring Back Spell Creations One of my favorite things to do in both Morrowind, and Oblivion was create my own powerful spells and test them out on the poor townsfolk around me. This feature was removed in Skyrim and I really miss it. Let me create a spell that has every element in it again please :].

6. A Richer World That Lets My Actions Be Known  One thing Skyrim lacked that other Elder Scrolls games before it had is npcs recognizing us after we obtained a certain amount of fame or infamy. It was awesome having a local town guard tell me how much of an honor it was to meet me or having kids tell me how awesome I was in the arena. A richer world would make the next Elder Scrolls game even more amazing. The siege battles in Skyrim were awesome, but aside from the few quest we did for the Imperials or Stormcloaks wasn’t enough. There should be an active war or events happening around us without us participating in them. This would make the world around us feel more alive. 2014-11-18_00007

5. More Diversity In Races The Elder Scrolls have many different races for us to play as, but once you start playing they all end up feeling the same. This shouldn’t be the case. There should be certain quest that can only be done by certain races and areas that can only accessed by certain ones. Why would a orc stronghold let a Wood Elf roam around without a fuss or covered by armed guards to make sure they don’t steal anything? If you’re talking to a racist Nord that only deals with Nords he shouldn’t sell a Argonian any of his/her wares. He/she would make you leave their store and seek equipment elsewhere. 4. Improved Gameplay The Elder Scrolls has always lacked in the gameplay department. I think it’s about time the gameplay caught up with the rest of the game. It’s always been the one thing that most people bash in these games and you can’t blame them for it because it all boils down to us hacking wildly at whatever is in front of us until it’s dead. Add some new gameplay elements to The Elder Scrolls. Let us climb up steep cliffs instead of ride our mounts up a mountain wall. Make stealth kills satisfying like they are in Far Cry, and give us a deeper melee combat system. This new engine needs to give us better gameplay if The Elder Scrolls wants to stay as king of the mountain.

3. Give Us Deeper NPCs And Quest NPCs in games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Witcher are pretty deep and well written. The same can’t be said about The Elder Scrolls. It’s always been the one of the biggest weaknesses of the franchise. Give us deeper companions to converse with. Make us care about them. When that happens we won’t want to Fus Ro Dah Lydia off a mountain top anymore. We might just keep her around for the interesting things she has to say. Fetch quest are always going to be in RPGs. It’s one of the things we’ve gotten used to over the years. If Skyrim gave the quality storytelling along with the freedom of exploration that it gives us it would be the best game ever made. Please listen to us Bethesda. We want quality quest in the next Elder Scrolls game. 2014-07-19_00018

2. An Actual PC Port Bethesda gave all of us PC gamers a console port of Skyrim. We all know it, but we didn’t complain because we simply modded it. That shouldn’t happen this time around. Bethesda needs to give us a quality PC port this time. Let the console gamers have their shitty inventory system. Think about the PC crowd this time Bethesda. Give us a good PC port please. Is that too much to ask?

1. More Variety In Weapons And Armor We haven’t had a great variety of gear in an Elder Scrolls game since Morrowind. We had spears, bows, crossbows, longswords, greatswords, naginatas, maces, axes, and much, much more. In Skyrim all we had was axes, swords, greatswords, maces, and bows. Crossbows were added in much later with the Dawnguard expansion. We also got a few new/classic armor sets in Dragonborn, but it wasn’t enough. Give us more gear and a greater variety of weapons and I’ll be one really happy Elder Scrolls fan. This is my list of things that I want to see in the next Elder Scrolls game. What would you like to see?  As much as I love The Elder Scrolls I can’t help, but notice that every installment is dumbed a little more. I hope this changes with The Elder Scrolls 6.

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    Jan 05, 2016 11:36 am

    I want them to bring back on the go enchanting and potion making like in Morrowind. Also, more enchantment variety, also like in Morrowind, and more potion possibility, and more magic variety, bring back levitation, and Mysticism needs to come back!!!! They keep taking important things out of the game in the name of streamlining, and it sucks!

    I also want more skills, not “one handed, two handed and marksman”, that’s just utter bs IMO

    Also, throwing weapons, spears, javelins, halberds, and other weapons that aren’t in the game, but can be found in earlier games (Like Daggerfall) It just ticks me off that they have the resources, and power to make this all happen and they won’t… also, artifacts need to be more powerful, like they used to.

    Why are weapon variants gone? In Daggerfall there were Dwemer katana’s, Dwemer Daggers, Daedric everything, etc. In Morrowind, most of that was in tact… move forward in time and variety goes away? Why only one or two types for certain weapons? That’s just messed up….

    Anywho, I’ve taken enough of your time. Just my thoughts! There is a ton more I could say, but at a later date.

    • Omar Jackson
      Jan 05, 2016 1:47 pm

      Thanks for commenting :].

      I was also really disappointed in the removal of just about everything you mentioned. I loved using spears in Morrowind and I was incredibly disappointed when they were missing from Oblivion. I was hoping Skyrim would have them again, but nope.

      The legendary loot in Skyrim is a joke when compared to previous Elder Scroll games, but here’s to hoping that part 6 brings back a lot of what previous Elder Scrolls games had.

      As a side note:

      There are dwarven dagger in Skyrim :], but I do miss my Daedric Katanas…

      • Reply
        Jan 05, 2016 3:24 pm

        True, they are in Skyrim, forgot about those! But yeah, really hoping they bring back a lot of things, and give the game a lot more depth than what little Skyrim had. On a side note, do you have a youtube account that you vlog on, or is it just your blog here? My channel is starting some TES VI videos, and if you’d be okay with it, we would like to reference your article here!

        • Omar Jackson
          Jan 05, 2016 3:54 pm

          I do have a Youtube account, but it’s not being used at the moment because I won’t have a setup until I move in November. I have four kids and it’s really hard to find a quiet area to make videos :].

          I’m okay with you referencing any article you want here :].

          As far as Skyrim goes I’m hoping the next one brings back some of the features from previous Elder Scrolls games. I love Skyrim to death even with the missing features, but here’s to hoping that Bethesda listens to us for the next Elder Scrolls game.

          I wouldn’t mind a good PC port too.

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