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12 Characters I Want To See Added To Fire Emblem Warriors

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Fire Emblem Warriors is my most played game on the Switch. I’m closing in on 60 hours of playtime and while I do love the cast of characters assembled for this game I can’t help but feel like it could have been so much better. Here are 12 characters I want to see added to Fire Emblem Warriors. 

12. Rinkah

Not including Rinkah was a huge missed opportunity in my opinion. She’s not the strongest unit in Birthright, but she is one of the most unique ones since she can be promoted to a spellcasting, mace using badass. Rinkah needs to be included in this game. I think a lot of people would enjoy using her. And there is currently ZERO mace using characters in Fire Emblem Warriors.

11. Gaius 

This is another character that would bring some much-needed diversity to the poor class selection that we have in Fire Emblem Warriors. There are no thief classes in Warriors. How about a fast dagger using rogue that can open treasure chest without the need for keys? Sounds good to me.

10. Saizo

Ninjas are awesome. Why are there no ninjas in Fire Emblem Warriors? Saizo is the best ninja in Fire Emblem Fates and should have been in the game on day one. Why keep him out?

9. Cain

Why is there no traditional horseman unit in Fire Emblem Warriors? Every Fire Emblem game has a great lance user on horseback… except this one. The only lance users are pegasus knights and that’s extremely disappointing. Cain is my favorite horseman in the Fire Emblem series. Put him in the game please :).

8. Reina

Reina is another flying unit in Fire Emblem, but the big difference is she uses a bow instead of a lance. She’ll be the most unique flier in the game. She doesn’t ride a pegasus too. She’s a Kinshi Knight and would be a lot of fun to play as in a game like this.

7. Arthur 

I would have preferred Arthur over Owain. Arthur could have been the comedic relief because of his clumsiness. Everything he does backfires on him and even his own kid wants nothing to do with him. He’s hilarious and I hope I can play as him one day. That… and it would be nice to have more axe users

6. Orochi

Orochi would be the most unique magic user in the game if she was added in. Instead of flinging fireballs she’ll be attacking with rat spirits and shit. Why include Fates characters if you’re not going to use the most unique ones?

5. Hector

Hector is the only Fire Emblem main protagonist that uses an axe and he’s freaking strong too. I understand Lyn being in the game because she’s popular. There’s nothing wrong with that since I love her too, but my favorite protagonist from her game is Hector because of his fighting style. And, once again, we need more axe users in this game!

4. Felicia

Here’s another unit that’s missing from Fire Emblem Warriors. Maids, or butlers, can fight and heal. They use daggers, or shurikens, and staffs. Felicia would be a great character in this game. She’ll be the fastest character in the game, would be the only dagger user, if they ignore my previous entries, and be able to heal the allied commander that likes to rush off alone and get killed from everything. What is there not to like here?

3. Ephraim

I know this will never happen, none of these will happen, but this one is a real longshot. Ephraim is a lance user. Instead of Oboro, I would have preferred to use this guy. He’s awesome and he’s also the main protagonist of Sacred Stones with his sister Eirika.

2. Donnel

The villager class is missing from Fire Emblem Warriors. They pop up as NPCs that need to be rescued but they can’t be played as which really sucks by the way. Donnel is the strongest character Fire Emblem Awakening and wrecks everything in his path. He should be in this game. They could have removed Cordelia and replaced her with Donnel.

1. Effie


How can you make a Fire Emblem game and not include a general? How? Effie would be my top choice for general in Fire Emblem Warriors. She could be the slow, bulky warrior type that I’ve grown accustomed to playing as in most warrior type games. Make it happen Koei!

That concludes my top 12 characters I want to see in Fire Emblem Warriors? Have you played Fire Emblem Warriors? What characters would you like to see in the game?

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