Fallout New Vegas Playthrough Part 2- Bandit Raid, and Unexpected Ambush

Previously on my last playthrough of Fallout New Vegas I created a character, did the tutorial quest, and got involved in a random quest from a guy that decided to backstab after I cleared out the monsters from the area he was trying to loot. Here’s my part 1 of my playthrough if you missed it or if you just need a recap on what happened: https://drakulus.com/2013/10/09/fallout-new-vegas-playthrough-part-1/

My adventure starts pretty much where the first one left off. My first priority is to buy some more ammo with the caps i’ve made looting corpses and from the long tutorial quest. I traveled back to town with little to no trouble and started to look around for the general goods store. Once I found the store I went inside and bought more shotgun shells, and various other items that would help me out in a tight spot. From the general goods store I decided to head back to the bar and get some answers on why bandits are willing to raid their little town just to find one man.

2013-10-09_00006   When I got back to the bar I found Trudy bartending some customers. I decided to wait until she finished talking before I would ask her any questions. Trudy told me Cobb is after a man named Ringo and he’s hiding out in town until things blow over but she doesn’t think things ever will as long as he’s hiding out. Against my better judgement I decided to offer my assistance and see what I can do to resolve the situation. Ringo is hiding out at an abandoned house so I made that my first destination.

2013-10-09_00005    I decided to approach with caution because I didn’t want Ringo to think that I was with the bandits that were looking for him. When I got inside it was dark, and cramped up, which is pretty much what you would expect from a run down building.

2013-10-09_00007Before I could get too far in Ringo rushed me with a pistol in his hand and demanded to know who I was. I threatened him by telling him he’s better hope the first shot hits me or he’s a dead man. We got off on a bit of a rough start but as it turns out Ringo was a caravan guard that was ambushed by bandits on their way back home and he managed to take out a few of them before he fled here. Now they’re out for revenge and won’t stop until his blood flows in the streets. The bandits are also using this as an excuse to take over the town. Upon hearing this I couldn’t just not help the guy out. He was only defending himself and he’s greatly outnumbered. I decided to help him for a fee of course, this is the wastelands after all. He told me the two of us wouldn’t be enough to stop the bandits and asked me to go out and see if I could find anyone that’s willing to help to us out.

He recommended Sunny Smiles. I made finding her my first priority. Sunny is good with a rifle and we’ll need her marksmen skills if we’re going to survive against the bandits. Sunny was hanging out in the back of the bar when I found her. She immediately agreed to help me against the bandits and told me to try and get Easy Pete, Trudy, and Doctor Mitchell to help us defend the town. Easy Pete, and Trudy refused to help us. I guess I can’t blame them for not wanting to get involved but you would think they would say ok since their town is on the line in this fight.

Doctor Mitchell, the man that saved my life, agreed to help stitch us up if any of us got hurt out there and gave me some stimpaks to heal my wounds. I went back to Ringo with what help I could find and decided it was time for us to fight the bandits off for good. Sunny was right behind me with a report on how many bandits we would be up against.

2013-10-09_00009  Six bandits against the three of us shouldn’t be a problem. Then again i’m only a level 2 and my armor doesn’t provide the best protection. I decided to play it safe and attack them from afar with my rifle. I took one of them down before he could reach me. Sunny shot one in the face and that took the numbers down to four. Ringo was getting his ass kicked so I decided to go in guns blazing with my shotgun. I blew two of them away while sunny took out another one. The last one remaining was Cobb. He was wounded and decided to run away, I ran after him with my shotgun in hand and shot him the back. The battle was over and we had won without suffering a single casualty.

Ringo thanked me for saving his life and paid me 100 caps. That’s good money in this game. Sunny also thanked me and all of us went out separate ways. Since the bandit threat was gone I decided to continue on my journey. I know who shot me and left me for dead and I decided it was time to finally hunt them down and kill them. On my way to my next destination I saw a wreckage on the side of the road and I decided to explore. A few animals ran away upon my arrival and it was too dark for me to really see anything clearly. There are flat tires, empty nuka cola bottles, and some pieces of wood scattered around the ground but nothing of interest. I decided to go further in the wreckage and I quickly discovered that it was filled with radiation.

I backed up and got the feeling that something bad was about to happen. I looked dead ahead and saw a small lake of nothing but radiation and before I could make out what was right in front of me someone started shooting at me.

2013-10-09_00010  I told you it was dark. I decided to turn around and try to find some cover while dodging bullets and trying to figure out exactly where the shooter was. It turned out that it was two shooters, I took one out with my rifle with a lucky headshot and the other with my 10mm pistol. When I examined their corpses they were powder gangers. They belonged to the group of the bandits that I had just previously took out. I knew fighting those bandits would get me into trouble but it’s too late to regret my decision now. I looted their corpses and decided it would be better for me to wait until morning before I continue my adventure. I found the camp they were hiding out at and get some much needed sleep.

When I got to the camp I found a not detailing their next move in the wasteland.

2013-10-09_00011  I’m in their territory so we’re most likely going to cross paths again. I’ll need to be prepared or it might be me face down in a the dirt instead of them. Further inspection of the camp revealed some ammo crates, stimpaks, and a trailer for me to rest my head.

2013-10-09_00012 2013-10-09_00013     I went to sleep and when I woke up I was surprised to see just how close I was to the radiation and how one false step could mean the difference between life and death.

2013-10-09_00014   To make matters worse the camp is surrounded by mines that I couldn’t see in the dark and it’s a miracle I didn’t step on any on the way here. I’m surrounded by mines on one side, and poisonous lake on the other. I’ll see you guys on Part 3 of my Fallout New Vegas Playthrough!

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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