Is The Wii U Doomed To Fail?

With all this talk about the “next gen” consoles that aren’t so next gen many people have overlooked the Wii U. What’s up with that?

nintendo_logo_blueIt’s no mystery that Nintendo’s latest console has sold poorly over the last year and most people have written the Wii U off already. I haven’t because Nintendo has been in this situation before with the 3DS when it first launched back in 2011. When the 3DS first came out it had a very strong response by selling 440,000 units on release. The lack of strong titles, short battery life, and point and click system didn’t fare well with many people and the 3DS missed the company’s target of selling 4 million units worldwide by march. So Nintendo cut the price of the 3DS and gave away 20 free downloadable titles to convince people to buy the 3DS and it worked. Right now the 3DS has sold 34,980,000 units worldwide. That’s more then the first Xbox console and half of the 360. I know the 3DS is a different system then the Wii U but it’s a good example and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The Wii U sales have been low but there has been a significant increase in sells with their latest price cuts. Sales has increased by 200% in the last quarter. In Japan sales has increased by 1,500% and even though Nintendo still posted a loss on the hardware this is mostly to turn around over the next few years as Nintendo gets more blockbuster games like Mario, and Zelda. It isn’t uncommon for big time gaming industries to post a lost on their hardware though. Microsoft took a loss over the course of the original Xbox’s entire lifespan and most of the 360’s life. The Xbox segment of the company is still down 5.5 billion dollars. Sony has lost more then that on the PS3 alone. Sony has lost 8 billion dollars on the PS3. That’s more then the PS1/PS2 eras combined and to top that all off they’ve lost over 2 billion dollars on the PS Vita.

nintendo-wii-u-1-15-13-01So when you do the math Nintendo is actually doing quite well since their numbers don’t match that of Sony or Microsoft’s. Sales numbers aren’t everything though. What about the actual games that the Wii U will have. For starters you’ll have Super Mario 3d World, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, and a new Legend of Zelda game are all coming to the Wii U soon. Will the Wii U out sell the Xbox One and PS4? Of course not but does that mean it’s going to fail? No. The Nintendo Wii out sold both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 for years. It was the dominate console for a quite awhile and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Most people think of Nintendo as a little kid type of gaming company so how would you explain the Wii outselling the competition? It was cheaper, and it appealed to a lot of people. You don’t need HD to have a successful console and the Wii proved that.

I think the future is bright for the Wii U. If Nintendo plays their cards right then the Wii U could be very successful. The Wii has had a rough year but sales are improving and with their most popular titles coming out pretty soon I think it’s safe to say that the Wii U will be around for quite awhile.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

21 thoughts on “Is The Wii U Doomed To Fail?”

    1. I will most definitely be picking up a Wii U some time around Christmas. I think there are quite a few games coming out for the Wii U that I would love to own. Mario and Zelda being among them.

      1. Same here. I’ve had an Xbox 360 and PS3 in the past but I sold them and went to PC gaming. I don’t regret that decision either. All I need is my PC and a Wii U and i’m good to go ;]

  1. Not trying to advertise here, but Drakulus, here’s an article I wrote; scroll toward the bottom for my opinion on the Wii U

    I only post this because you said you’re getting one for Christmas. Long story short, I think sales will go up around Christmas/early next year, and I think it’ll create a domino effect. It will spawn more games, and people will want the system to play those games, and more games will come out because more people have the system, etc. The Wii U still has a shot as long as Nintendo puts out good games the first half of 2014; the first quarter, really.

  2. As long as Nintendo keeps pumping out quality exclusives, I can’t imagine a Nintendo console bombing. “Failing” is a relative term. I think the Wii was a failure, since it only gave me about a half dozen games worth playing, despite outselling PS3 and 360 by a mile.

      1. Xenoblade, both Zeldas, The Last Story, Mario Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong Country, Metroid Prime 3, and Wii Sports were the only standouts for me. Don’t get me wrong, Wii had some great games, but it’s frustrating when they’re so few and far between.

      2. Xenoblade and The Last Story were alright I guess. I get bored of games like those rather quickly though. Samurai Warriors 3, Super Smash Bros, and Red Steel were fun to play

  3. I think the Wii will be another Gamecube. It will be popular with Nintendo fans, but with many third parties ignoring it I doubt it will last as long as the PS4/Xbone. The first party Nintendo games are fun, but they are starting to feel less special as the market is getting over saturated with Mario games.

  4. My Wii just died 😦 Will not be buying a ‘U’ for some time (probably will one day)…but may pick up another Wii 🙂

    I think the gaming industry has learnt to never write off NINTENDO, they don’t play by the same rules…I think they have a very very long term strategy.

  5. I’ve never really had an opinion on it but I think it could still do well as long as there is software to back the hardware up. I’ll need to stew on it for a while

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