Top Ten Best Games Of 2013

I had to choose from over 30 games that I thought deserved to be on this list. It took me weeks to decide on this list and i’m pretty confident in my selection. This is my official top ten games of 2013!

#10 Tomb RaiderTomb-Raider-2013-621x350

This is the only Tomb Raider game that I like and for good reason. Tomb Raider needed this revamp and I was very pleased with the results that were shown. The only thing that kept me from putting this game higher on my list is the lack of replayability that this game has, and the predictable story.

#9 Shadow Warriorshadow warrior

Shadow Warrior is one action packed game that offers hours upon hours of fun. It’s funny, brutal, and absolutely beautiful. I wanted to place this higher on the list but it’s up against some steep competition.

#8 Path of Exile130110062344_path-of-exile-rig

Path of Exile is my MMO of the year. It’s point click gameplay is addictive, and it’s 1,000 passive skill tree is amazing. It’s gory, and brutal combat is just what I was looking for and really sets the tone for the rest of the game.

#7 Lost Planet 3m_lostplanet3_cinematictrailer

Lost Planet 3 got a lot of hate from reviewers everywhere. I’ve never liked any Lost Planet game and I ended up loving this one. I love the fact that it’s more story driven this time around and even though the gameplay isn’t as fast as it’s predecessors it’s still fun. Lost Planet 3 has my recommendation.

#6 Crysis 3crysis3-2013-01-22-10-57-22-06

Crysis 3 is breathtakingly beautiful. I loved my playthroughs of this game. The gameplay, visuals, and excellent voice acting really bring this game to life.

#5 Total War Rome IIRome 2

Total War Rome II disappointed me. I wanted to sing it’s praise to the skies and say how awesome this game was and instead of that happening I had to give it some tough love. Right now Rome II is a lot more playable then it was on release but it’s still a long way off from being fixed. I can’t help but love this game though and I’m still out conquering the known world with my Spartans.

4. Metro Last Light


Metro Last Light is creepy, and gives an interesting look on what the world could look like after a nuclear war. I loved every second of this game and the for once I was treated to a good ending and not dlc bait. Metro Last Light told one hell of a story and was backed up by some of the best voice acting i’ve ever heard.

3. Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV took me completely by surprise. I never expected to love it as much as I did. There are so many different things to love about this game that I can’t say them all here. Instead i’ll point you over to my official Saints Row IV review:

#2 Bioshock Infinite


Bioshock Infinite is now my favorite game in the Bioshock Trilogy. It told a deep, and engaging story and offered us one hell of an ending. Not many games can do what this one did and it deserves to be on my list.

#1 Splinter Cell Blacklist

Splinter Cell Blacklist

Splinter took everything I loved about stealth games and combined them all into one game. I’ve always hated being penalized for not playing the way the developers wanted me to play. Hitman Absolution is a great example here. Splinter Cell Blacklist does not punish you for not playing a certain way. Anyone can pick this game up and play it without worrying about their score the end because there are three different types of scores you can get. This game doesn’t just have awesome gameplay it also tells one hell of a story that kept me engaged from beginning to end. It was tough trying choose this over Bioshock or the other way around because I love them both so much but in the end Splinter Cell gave me more value and has more replayability then every game on this list. Splinter Cell Blacklist earned it’s number 1 spot on my list.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Best Games Of 2013”

  1. It’s a shame I don’t have the time to game as much as I used to. Started Tomb Raider, but it has been gathering dust a while. Really need to start playing. I have bought Bioshock, but not started it yet. Saint’s Row IV I skipped because it looked not to be as good as the previous ones. My favorite for this year though has got to be GTA5.

    1. I don’t think so. I’ve played over 100 games this year spread out over consoles and PC and if you’re talking about the new Fire Emblem Awakening I don’t own a 3DS and sadly I have no plans to own one any time soon. I like the list I came up with and honestly there isn’t a game coming out for the rest of the year that I want.

    1. Wow, I just finished watching the Pokemon Origins and I loved it. It was rushed but i’m hoping that they make a show out of it. As far as Anime go I don’t watch it at all. I rarely watch tv.

    1. That would be where we disagree. Tomb Raider is good but I haven’t played it since I completed it months ago. It’s just collecting dust. The story was predictable, and the game lacks replayability.

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