Mass Effect 2 Review


Mass Effect 2 is my favorite game of all time. I remember the first thing that really struck me about the game was how much better it looked and played then it’s predecessor. In the first ten to fifteen minutes of the game the Normandy is attacked by an unidentified foe and it’s literally laid to waste. All of the surviving crew members begin to evacuate the ship. Depending on the choices you made in the first game determines who will run to find you on the ship. It’s usually your romance option from the first game but if you chose to not have a romance in the first game then it’ll be Kaiden or Ashley.

liara again

The first improvement that I noticed were the options available to you while you were talking to someone. The conversation wheel is nicer looking. Your first mission is to convince Joker to leave the cockpit. When you take control of Shepard you’re running around the Normandy while it’s taking fire from the enemy. You find Joker, escort him to the escape pod, and before you could join him you’re separated by enemy fire. Shepard closes the latch and is blown away by a massive blast from the unknown ship. Shepard is now in orbit, losing oxygen from his breath mask, and crashing into the planet below him.

That’s one hell of a way to die and the beginning to this game really set the tone for everything that happened after that awesome moment. Commander Shepard literally died at the beginning of the game. Cerberus, a anti alien human organization, found your body and literally rebuild you. It took them two years to do it but they did it.

Mass Effect 2 introduces a host of new characters as well as showing cameos of everyone that was in the first Mass Effect game. You get new squad mates, romance options, awesome new gameplay, and improved biotics. I always thought the Vanguard, and Infiltrator class were kind of pointless in the first Mass Effect game. Now they’re unstoppable. The Infiltrator can turn invisible for a brief amount of time and The Vanguard can use a Biotic Charge ability to rush his enemies and send them flying. The weapons, and armor sets are better looking, and now you have to collect thermal clips. You no longer have infinite ammo and I think that’s great.


Garrus, and Tali come back as squad mates and you can romance both of them. Everyone else on the team is new. You even get a new Krogan partner named Grunt and he was awesome! Commander Shepard is searching the galaxy for the most dangerous individuals he can find to take them on a suicide mission.

Instead of having an open world to explore like the first Mass Effect game had it’s been replaced with a more linear experience. At first I was skeptical about this approach but after playing through the game countless times I think it’s a good thing. The first Mass Effect reused too many environments and became tedious at times. The Make is dead and gone and hopefully won’t ever show it’s ugly face in another Mass Effect game. At the end of every mission you get to see a end report and collect experience. You can only level up after you complete missions. The skills available to you have been shrunken quite a bit but it works and in my opinion are better then the first game. After you fully maximize a skill you’ll get to evolve your talent into one of two different things. This made me want to complete the game again just to see what the other skill I skipped out on was.


Another really neat feature that’s been added in the game are the loyalty missions that you have to do in order to make a follower of yours trust you. My favorite mission by far was Jack’s and Tali’s. I think both of their missions were amazing and very well done. The Normandy has gotten a very nice upgrade. The ship is twice as big as it was in the first game. Commander Shepard has his own personal room now with a giant sized fish tank, a radio, shower, and picture of whoever his romance option is.

Mass Effect 2 is a true sequel. It improved on everything that the first one lacked at and even added in new content. The best part about this game has to be the dlc’s. Lair of the Shadow Broker is probably the best DLC expansion I’ve ever played in any game. The amount of content and deep dialogue between Shepard and Liara was great. This is one journey that I can take a hundred times over with Commander Shepard and still feel the exact same way at the end of it. I was left wanting more after I completed Mass Effect 2 and whenever a game can make me feel that way at the end then it’s doing something right.

Mass Effect 2 is a game that I’ve been playing for years and will continue to do so. Everyone has their own special game that they can play despite how old it is or what other people say about it and this is mine.

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  1. The only thing I didn’t like about ME2 was that the ending was basically a boss fight and just seemed like a cheap way to end the game. The DLC was fantastic though and made me play even more of the game than I thought was possible.

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