My Top 10 Actors Of All Time

I watched a bunch of old movies this year and they got me thinking of all of my favorite actors. I decided it would be a good idea to brainstorm which ones I think should should be on the list. This is my official top ten actors of all time list starting from number ten!

10. gladiator-mounted

What better way to start off this list then with Russel Crowe. Gladiator is my second favorite movie of all time and when Russel Crowe isn’t throwing phones at people he’s out there making badass movies!

9. morgan freeman

Morgan Freeman just oozes awesomeness. He has the perfect voice, and presence in just about everything that he decides to do and his movies are badass. Kiss The Girls, and Along Came A Spider, and Lucky Number Slevin are three of my favorite movies of all time.

8. kiefer-sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland always gives his best in everything that he does. He’s one of the few actors that I can think of that doesn’t have a problem playing darker roles. He’s played a racist [a time to kill], a rapist [eye for a eye], and everything in between in his career. Put 24 on top of that list and you have one of the most badass actors on Earth.


Ken Watanabe is another actor that just oozes awesomeness. His performance in The Last Samurai is by far my favorite of all of his movies.

6. christian bale

He’s played a psycho, a drug addict, Batman, and a insomniac. If there’s one actor that deserves an award for versatility it’s Christian Bale. He has become one of my all time favorite actors over the years and he always gives his best in everything that he does.

5. denzel-washington-006Man on Fire, John Q, We Are The Titans, Training Day, and about a dozen other great movies comes to mind when I think of Denzel Washington. This man dominates his roles and you can’t deny the screen presence that he has in everything he decides to do. He won a award for the movie Training Day but I always thought his performance was in John Q. That movie always tears me up a little when I watch it.

4. tom cruiseSome people hate him but I love him. Tom Cruise wowed me with his performance in The Last Samurai and that movie actually made me go back and watch all of his films. Top Gun, Born On The Fourth Of July, and Mission Impossible are some of my favorite movies from him. I even liked War Of The Worlds.

3.Robin Williams

Who doesn’t love some MRS. Doubtfire? How about Insomnia? Robin Williams has played so many different kinds of characters over the years and they’re always awesome. He’s funny but can successfully transition to a serious movie. He’s played a killer plenty of times and he’s even played a gay man. Robin Williams is just plain awesome.

2. al pacino


I almost put Al Pacino in the number 1 spot. He certainly deserves to be there and I can see my father beating me across the head with his cigarettes case right now for not putting Al Pacino at number 1. He’s had an amazing career and has made so many great movies over the years. One that really comes out to me is the movie Insomnia. Al Pacino, and Robin Williams were great in that movie.

1. mel gibson

Everyone that really knows me knows how much I love Mel Gibson. Most people judge him by his personal life but I don’t. I don’t care what he does in his free time. His movies are excellent and he always gives one hell of a performance. Braveheart, The Patriot, Ransom, and Edge of Darkness all had amazing performances from this guy. Mel Gibson holds the title to just about every movie genre in my opinion. Lethal Weapon is my favorite cop movie, Braveheart is my favorite war movie, Ransom is my favorite kidnap movie, Payback is my favorite revenge movie, I could go on but I think i’ve made my point. Mel Gibson never fails to deliver and he’s been my favorite actor for as long as I can remember.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

17 thoughts on “My Top 10 Actors Of All Time”

  1. I love Robin Williams- The Dead Poet’s Society is one of my favorite movies. I also completely agree with Christian Bale, he’s amazing.
    My list would be all the classic actors probably- I’m a big fan of old movies. So I would end up putting all the cliches- Richard Burton, James Dean, etc. Haha. But nice list, although I disagree with Russel Crowe- if your doing someone from Gladiator I would put Joaquin Phoenix instead.

  2. Nice list. Glad to see other people appreciate Tom Cruise still. I can’t really understand why he gets so much negativity. Collateral he was brilliant and as your correctly mention Last Samurai he was amazing in that. I even enjoyed Oblivion and thought he was good in that too.

    I need to watch more Al Pacino flicks really, Other than Scarface & Godfather(s) I haven’t seen any other films with him in (yes even Heat 😦 )

    No love for De Niro?

  3. It’s a good list. Mine would look differently, and I certainly wouldn’t have Gibson number 1, or even in my Top 10, but I won’t argue too forcefully on anything here.

  4. I like this list and couldn’t agree with it more. I think Robin Williams is one funny guy, I will always associate him with Ms. Doubtfire. I think Denzel Washington is always another favorite of mine over all the others. He brings this cool factor to anything that he does. Cool List.

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