Legend of Grimrock Review

legend of grimrock

Legend of Grimrock is a old school dungeon crawler offering intense combat, puzzles, exploration, and most of all survival. This game actually reminds me of Shining In The Darkness. Legend of Grimrock offers some really neat features like the ability to eat so you won’t starve. This might throw more casual players off the game because you’ll be managing a entire party and you have to make sure each person/thing in your party is well fed, has plenty of health, weapons, armor, and torches before you decide to continue on your descent into this maze like prison that you’re trapped in. The character creator in this game is awesome. It’s very old school like dungeons and dragons. Basically you choose a portrait, decide on what class you want that character to be, then choose their strengths, and traits. No one character will be good at everything so be careful on what you choose. I always have two warriors, a rogue, and a mage in my party and i’m doing pretty good with them.

grimrock The way you learn magical spells is by finding them on pieces of paper scattered around the dungeon. These papers will have the correct way for you to cast the spell. You can also randomly try and cast them but when you’re in a fight you really don’t have time to experiment with your spells. As you find weapons and armor throughout the dungeon you’ll be faced with a choice. Who will you give them too? This is what I love about this game. You won’t find enough equipment for everyone and you have to decide who you want to have them. I usually get my warriors set up for battle before anyone else. I gave the bow to my assassin, staff to me mage, axe to my minotaur, and sword and shield to my human/warrior/tank. Combat in this game is also very old schools. You click on your weapon to attack the enemy in front of you and watch as your sword cuts through the enemy. It’s very basic and easy to learn but it’s up to you to strategize and use tactics when you encounter a large group of enemies.

You don’t want to get surrounded in this game and risk losing one of your party members because they will not come back. Once they die they’re gone until you can find a giant sized blue crystal to revive them and that’s not always easy. In order for you to recover some health you can either rest by pressing the R button or by using a health potion that you’ll eventually find. You can also heal with a magic spell but I wouldn’t advise that since it’s not all that useful. The best ways to heal are by resting, or using a healing potion. When you rest your characters will get hungry so you’ll have to feed them. It’s up to you to decide when to rest and if you have enough food to eat when you’re done resting. ugly

Graphically Legend of Grimrock is a good looking game. All of the enemies look good, and the dungeon itself is dark, gloomy, and creepy like a dungeon should be. The sound effects, and soundtrack all help build up to the creepiness that the game has. You’re all alone in this place and I think that adds to the tension while I play the game. Legends of Grimrock isn’t all about looting and killing things. It also has some pretty good puzzles for you to figure out in order to advance to a secret area or get to the next area. I’ve been stuck on more then one occasion trying to figure out the clues to the puzzles when the answer was staring me right in the face.

Legend of Grimrock is a amazing, old school dungeon crawler that should be experienced by everyone that loves games that does not hold your hand. My final verdict for Legend of Grimrock is a 8/10! This game took me back to the 90’s with it’s play style and hardcore, no hand holding gameplay. The puzzles are a nice change of pace and knowing that the only way to bring your lost party member back to life is by finding a giant blue crystal really appeals to me. It’s old school and a lot of fun.

Our Verdict: 8/10


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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