Frozen- Let It Go

frozenEveryone that’s seen Frozen has heard that catchy tune being played in the movie but did you know there are 14 different versions of the song? That’s right 14. Below you’ll find the regular version from the movie along with a pop version by Demi Lovato, and a Korean version too. Check them out:

I don’t really like this version. I don’t like Demi Lovato at all and I don’t think she can sing when compared to other female singers. She has an alright voice I guess but nothing spectacular. That and the whole pop theme of the song really throws me off.

This is the Russian version of the song and it’s actually really good. It actually doesn’t surprise me that I like this version of the song because a lot of my favorite singers are Russian. Julia Dovganishina is a really good singer and sung this song very well.

This is the Spanish version of the song. Martina Stoessel did an amazing job with this song and this is actually one of my favorite versions of the song. It’s in my top 3 for sure.

This is the Italian version of the song. It’s sung by Serena Autieri. I love the Italian version of the song. It’s amazing and this girl can sing.

Here’s the Dutch version of the song. It sounds really nice and I love the way the song is sung in this language. My Dutch is weak but thankfully not gone and I understood the song. This is actually my favorite version of the song.

Here is the German version of the song. It’s actually sung by the same woman and it sounds amazing.

This is the Japanese version of the song. It’s beautifully sung by May J.

This is the Malaysian version of the song.  Marsha Milan Londoh sung this with a lot of grace and nailed the vocals perfectly.

This is the French version of the song. It’s sung by Anais Delva. The French version is really powerful and Anaia did a fantastic job when she sung this live.

Here is the Vietnamese version of the song. Dương Hoàng Yến has a very powerful voice. Maybe it’s a little too strong for this song but it still sounded really good. I think she has the strongest/deepest voice on the list. It’s really quite something to hear.

This is the Thai version of the song. It’s beautiful, and very soothing to me. Gam Wichayanee won season 4 of The Star at 18 years old. She has a very powerful, emotional singing voice. You guys should check her out she’s great.

This is the Korean version of the song. Some people hate it but it’s outweighed but by all the love it’s received from all of Hyorin’s fans. This really is an amazing version of the song.

Last but not least is the Polish version of the song. It’s sung by katarzyna łaska. All of the versions of this song are well done. My favorites are The French, Polish, Russian, and Thai versions. I was very surprised to see how good every version of this song was. Don’t forget to click on that Follow Us button for the latest news, reviews, first impressions, and more.

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