NFL Predictions- Seahawks VS 49ers

nflThis weekend coming up will be one of if not the best weekend in NFL history. We’re going to have the four best teams in the NFL going at it to determine who will play at the Superbowl this year. I’ll start my predictions with the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers game.

The Seahawks has one hell of a secondary but you can run the ball on them and that was proven in the Saints game when they held on just long enough for the win. Russel Wilson isn’t an all star quarterback that he’s made out to be. The Seahawk’s can barely score 20 points a game. They don’t have an explosive offense but that’s where they defense comes in. They keep other teams from blowing them out. The 49er’s on the other hand has a very explosive offense with Colin Kaepernick, Vernon Davis, Micheal Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, and Frank Gore. Vernon Davis is one of the best tight ends in football and he is the best tight end in the playoffs right now. He runs routes like a wide receiver and is one of the fastest people on the football field. Anquan Boldin is powerful and trying to keep up with that guy will be hard. My point is Seattle is going to have some serious problems covering all of these guys.

Colin Kaepernick is on fire right now. He always does really good in the playoffs. He’s even led his team to a Superbowl and the 49ers are hungry for that big win. You can see it in them. Frank Gore is going to be a major factor in this next game. If they can’t establish a run with him early on then they’re going to struggle but if he can break a few runs and open up that secondary then Kaepernick and kill them with his arm and legs. Seattle has Golden Tate and he’s really shined for them this year. They also have Percy Harvin but he’s always hurt. He came back for one game and left with a concussion again. He’s great when he’s there but he reminds me of Rob Gronkowski because he’s always hurt and missing games.

The Seahawks main weapon is Marshawn Lynch. If he can break a few big runs in this game then the Seahawks could probably escape with a win but that 49er defense is great at stopping the run. They’re a big psychical team and they’re going to be all over the ball carrier in this game. I thin the 49ers have the advantage going in but in the end the Seahawks will escape with the win. It’s a home game and that crowd is going to be really loud. There’s going to be some miscommunication both offensively, and defensively. Colin Kaepernick will be under pressure and will make mistakes that will either lead to a interception or incomplete passes. I think the Seahawks have this one but it will be a very psychical game and the end score will be a close one.

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Author: Drakulus

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7 thoughts on “NFL Predictions- Seahawks VS 49ers”

  1. The noise at Seahawks is intense, Gotta really motivate them and intimidate the away team. I agree that It could have an effect on Kap. Interceptions are practically guaranteed. Here’s hoping. At this point I’ll pick Seahawks to progress, But my predictions post season so far have been terrible,

      1. True. Lynch and Gore are both tough RBs, but I think it’ll be the QBs that decide the game. I don’t particularly care which of these teams win. I just hope the Broncos beat the Patriots!

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