I’m Back! And I’ve Got A Few Words To Say About N4G

As you guys know I stopped writing about a week ago because I was feeling burnt out and I thought I needed a break. In that time I decided to move some of my work from here over to Gamers Sphere because I’m going to be moving the majority of my gaming related post over there. Back on January 16th I wrote my review for The Banner Saga and it did pretty good. John Heatz asked us to start posting things over at N4G, and Frontburnr so I did. I moved my review of The Banner Saga over to N4G and it was approved within a day. The next day I log on and I have a message from one of the moderators telling me not to post so often. I was confused because that was my only post that i’ve ever done.

He also edited my work and told me not to put certain things like links or website names in my article. I told him it must have been a copy and paste error and wouldn’t happen again, but I also asked him why shouldn’t I post something everyday like I see so many other people doing? He replied because we don’t want you trying to bring extra clicks to you blog by posting all of your content on here. He said it’s ok to post reviews just don’t overdo it. The Banner Saga was literally my first ever review posted up on N4G and i’m apparently already being threatened not to post another review. So I continued to question the moderator by saying what’s wrong with me posting more often. It’s unheard of to post a review everyday because I have to play through the game before I can review it and it takes me about a week to actually write the review anyway.

I wasn’t willing to drop the subject because I wanted to know exactly why this guy was giving me a hard time. I did nothing wrong and I wasn’t about to play nice just because he was a moderator. So I ended the message by saying he can forget me ever posting anything else on that site and i’ll take my work somewhere else because of how unprofessional that website is. So I told him to “fuck himself”, but in a nice way. I didn’t actually say the words go fuck yourself but I really wanted to. All of this happened over the course of a week and I didn’t bother posting anything else until yesterday. I copy and pasted my https://drakulus.com/2014/01/10/final-fantasy-lightning-returns-does-anyone-care/ over to Gamers Sphere and then over to N4G as an attempt to give them a second chance. I posted it as an opinion piece since it’s obviously my opinion on the game as well as the franchise itself but that seemed to spark a whole new mess for me to deal with.

First of all this is my opinion and I don’t give a damn if anyone likes it or not. If you don’t like what I have to say then unsubscribe from me and go on with your life. For those of you that do enjoy what I have to say then please read on. I was immediately flagged for various things. Things as little as not having the correct title for my article. It’s my article I can name it whatever I want. If I wanted to call it “I love farts” then I could. I also have to at least get 10 people to approve of my article before It can officially be published and I think that’s retarded as hell. Apparently I can’t post my opinion in the opinions section of N4G because it doesn’t please someone over there.

I was nice the first time but this time I’m obviously done being nice so i’ll say this as clearly as I can.. Fuck N4G!

Now that i’m done with that little rant i’m curious to see what you guys think of this. I know that probably wasn’t necessary but I will no longer post anywhere but here. My co-writers over at Gamers Sphere are welcome to share my articles anywhere they see fit but I will not personally do it. I’m a very outspoken individual and i’m very passionate about what I do. Thanks for reading this and i’ll have some real gaming/movie related content coming to you guys soon.


I am no longer working for Gamers Sphere. I worked for three months for free with promises that I would be paid and it never happened. My work is now exclusive to Drakulus.com.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

17 thoughts on “I’m Back! And I’ve Got A Few Words To Say About N4G”

    1. You could have asked to leave a link back to your site and I would been okay with it. Your comment had nothing to do with the article that I wrote and it seems like you’re only trying to get more clicks to your site.

      Thanks for commenting, but don’t spam your site on mine okay.

      Btw I’m not trying to be rude, but you could have at least asked first.

      1. I do apologize for our aggressive campaigning, but would really appreciate the link back from your website.

        Thanks drakulus23 for being so understanding

  1. Yes indeed, fuck that site. I curse a lot. I’m just that kind of person. If I do so while praising a sony game I get agrees and bubbles. While mentioning a flaw in an otherwise great game? Banned from the site forever. Yeah… Great place.

    1. Thanks for commenting.

      I agree with you. I haven’t been to N4G since I wrote this article. I think the last thing I wrote about was Final Fantasy Lightning Returns. N4G didn’t publish it because it wasn’t a positive review of the game.

      I just don’t like that site at all and I’ll probably never go back there for anything.

  2. This sort of thing is why I am hesitant about contributing my work to other sites. I have had bad experiences in the past with people doing stuff like editing my review ratings or not crediting me for the piece. In the end I prefer to stick to my humble blog even if it means less people see my writing.

  3. The way I look at it, if you’re prepared to spend your own time writing an article that you are sharing (with no intent of getting paid) then it should be treated as a gift. If people aren’t grateful for the gift, take to it someone else who appreciates it!

  4. I know it seems like I comment on everything that you write but I really wanted to respond on this. I have also tried to have something posted on that site in the past and I couldn’t even get enough votes for it to pass. I think that they are very picky and don’t want people who are successful as you are. They have problems with bullying people and making things difficult. I am not sure why they do such things but I do know that you are talented and if anyone will not allow you to express yourself creatively then don’t use them. You and your wife and staff are great.

    1. Thanks dude that means a lot coming from you. I could have made this 2,000 words longer if I wanted to. I was really upset when I wrote this. Just now someone flagged one my articles because it was “lame” and not a real news piece. I never said my Final Fantasy article was news. It’s an opinion piece. Another person told me to make it shorter. People on there are stuck on stupid and i’m going to tell everyone I know to avoid that site.

      1. Yeah they think everyone should fall in line and do news all the time. The problem is so many people do it. I mean chances are if your a gamer you will read the websites yourself for the news. I think having opinions is one of the most unique things as we are all different. Don’t worry about the haters!

      2. I never do :]. I don’t really talk about gaming news because like you said so many people are doing it. I try and be unique and give my own personal opinion on things.

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