Titanfall Review

Titanfall has been incredibly hyped for months leading up to it’s release and now that it’s finally here it’s being getting 9’s, and 10’s going down the board. So does Titanfall live up to the massive amount of hype surrounding it? The answer is no it doesn’t but it’s still a fun game and one that takes away the generic feeling of first person shooters and replaces it with someone new. In the beta we experienced four of the six multiplayer modes that Titanfall has to offer. I for one was incredibly surprised that Titanfall only had six multiplayer modes and a crappy multiplayer only campaign mode. In Titanfall you can play as both a Pilot and one of the giant mechs called Titans. This adds a new feel to the game because you go from the fast wall-running pilots to the slow but powerful titans.

It’s like playing two games in one and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do in a game. I’ve always wanted to be able to play a first person shooter and have the ability to jump inside a giant mech and lay waste to everything and everyone around me. It’s really cool but it’s not as easy as I’m making it sound. To play as a titan is really different then playing as a pilot. The pilots have the ability to wall run as I mentioned above but they can also climb on top of just about any surface and use their incredible speed to get away from pursuing titans. Pilots can even take down titans with the heavy weapons that they have. Titans however can’t do any of this. They’re slow and can only reach so many areas. There mobility around stages is severely limited but it gives you a sense of satisfaction when you can take down two titans by yourself before one of those pesky pilots jump on back of you and start shooting the weak point of your titan.

Last Titan Standing is probably the most fun I’ve ever had in any multiplayer game I’ve ever played. It took last man standing to a whole new level and the match was filled with intense moments because you only have a single life and once you die you’ll have to wait until the next match before you can try and get your revenge.

I thought a game like Titanfall would have a massive amount of customization in it but it strangely doesn’t. Instead the only thing you can customize is your weapons on your pilots and titans. How awesome would be if we could customize our own titans with logos and a cool paint job? That’s what I wanted. I wanted to make my titan feel like it was mine not have the exact same looking one as the dude next me. This game would be perfect for some type of customization and I wouldn’t be surprised if some sort of paid dlc came out in the near future that added this to the game.

TitanfallGame-Critics-Awards-2013-4Titanfall does have six different modes for you to play through. Seven if you count the campaign but honestly the campaign is terrible. You get one opening cutscene at the beginning of the game and one after you finish it. The entire campaign is mostly just you trying to kill the other players on the map until one of you win. What really bothered me about this was the fact that if you win a match you can still lose if it’s meant for you to lose in the “story”.  There was one part in the campaign when this random dude sacrificed his life to save you but honestly you wouldn’t care because you have never seen this man before and before that moment I don’t think anyone even knew he existed. Titanfall’s campaign has no meaningful moments and besides the mission before the last one nothing exciting ever really happened.

The thing that everyone will be playing is the multiplayer modes in the game. You’ll play through the campaign twice. One for each side just to get your mech then you’ll go to the fun side of the game like everyone else has by now. There is little to no reason to ever want to play through the campaign twice. Titanfall is most fun when playing one of the other modes in the game. You’ll have your basic team deathmatch which is now called Attrition. You also have last titan standing, capture the flag, pilot hunter, hardpoint domination, and a mode that mixes all of them up. They’re all a lot of fun and you can kill your whole day playing this game.

In addition to being able to just jump inside a match and kill to your heart’s content you’ll also be able to get burn cards that acts like a perk system during battle. You can choose up to three burn cards to take with you before you fight. Each burn card does something different. You can get highly modified weapons, or a good boost in speed that can save your life in a tight situation.

Titanfall is addictive but it’s simple game. While the gameplay is a breath of fresh air for a worn down genre there is nothing revolutionary here but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. This game is a ton of fun and it’s fast paced action will keep your on your toes as you wall run your way to victory. Titanfall falls short of earning our recommendation but it’ll be a great game to pick up once the price drops.

Our Verdict: 7/10

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Author: Drakulus

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5 thoughts on “Titanfall Review”

    1. Titanfall doesn’t really need a single player campaign. The multiplayer is a lot of fun. They just need to work on the multiplayer campaign that they have the game would be a lot better. I also heard that they’re adding monsters in the game.

  1. Er well I remember playing Shogo昇剛: Mobile Armor Division…run around and then hop in a mech…but that was not multi-player…and you definitely could not run on walls!

    I also saw Angry Joe blast Titanfall …I think he is on your wavelength.

    1. Titanfall is a lot of fun but it’s incredibly simple for a so called next evolution of shooter titles. I actually didn’t like the Angry Joe Review of Titanfall. he spent way too much time talking about the campaign.

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