Ryse: Son Of Rome Review

In Ryse: Son Of Rome you play as Marius and throughout the game you’ll be reliving his story as it’s told to the emperor of Rome. Ryse: Son Of Rome is a jaw dropping, beautiful game. There were plenty of times when I found myself just stopping to take in the view. The battles are gruesome and the sound effects are amazing. This is the most realistic sounding game I’ve ever played. Every cut, shield bash, stomp, and volley are all top notch and the game became that much more enjoyable. The voice acting is very, very good. Every moment felt important because of the top notch performances from all the voice actors.

The combat in Ryse is some of the best I’ve ever played in a hack n slash game. The gruesome death animations will make you cringe and you’ll be shouting at the TV for hours on how awesome that shield bash to the face was. At certain points in the game you’ll be able to fight as a group with the rest of the Roman Army. These sequences are fun but a little disappointing. I wish melee combat was available instead of just blocking enemy arrows, and throwing spears at them when you have an opening. To change the pace from just being non stop combat some times you’ll have to protect your legionnaires while they’re trying to free their fellow soldiers while a maniac is trying to burn them alive. You’ll often find yourself surrounded by enemies of all types and it’s up to you to decide who you’ll take out first.

Ryse is a easy game even on the Legionnaire Difficulty. I only died a handful of times in my first playthrough. Some moments in the game are actually pretty challenging but it’s offset by how easy it is to master the game. You’ll have little to no trouble beating this game and i’m pretty sure everyone will want to play this on the hardest difficulty setting just so you’ll have a challenge from the enemies you face in battle.

This is a gory game. There’s a particular area in the game that’ll have you walking through the bodies of your fallenSon of rome comrades. You’ll often see someone hanging from tree with their insides hanging out. There’s a boss fight that has you fighting on top of thousands of skulls and you have to kill him before he burns everyone alive in a wicker man. Ryse can get pretty intense and the amount of gore that’s in this game might not be for everyone. Ryse just isn’t about combat though. It also tells a pretty good story that comes together quite nicely by the end of game. Every chapter in the game tells a different part of Marius’s life and horrors that he had to endure to exact his revenge on the emperor of Rome. At first you’ll start off wearing normal legionnaire armor but as you advance in the game you’ll be rewarded with higher rank armor and eventually a pure gold set of Commander Armor.

Ryse-Son-of-Rome-3This game has no character customization at all. The armor sets will be applied automatically as you progress with the story. There is a small skill tree that you’ll eventually maximize by the end of your first playthrough and everything that you invest points in will carry over into your second playthrough of the game. Ryse is also painfully linear. There is almost no branching paths in the game. Most of the time you’ll find  yourself running in a straight line towards your next objective and it can get tiring. This is a beautiful game and I would have loved the opportunity to explore more of the world then what we got here.

The Kinect actually has a purpose in this game. The voice commands work perfectly for this game. Every fire volley, or archer cover me command was immediately recognized and that actually immersed me into the game. I was shouting out commands like I was really there on the battlefield and it was a lot fun. I hope more games use this feature in the future but make it optional like Ryse does.

The multiplayer in this game is a nice distraction but that’s all it really is. There’s little to no point in going back for more after the first few matches. It quickly becomes repetitive. There’s no story to be had in multiplayer and I think that’s why I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the single player. You can expect the same amount of brutality in the multiplayer.

RysesThere is a lot more to like about Ryse: Son Of Rome then there is to dislike. This game is a visual masterpiece that has some of the best voice acting if not the best voice acting that’s available on either new console right now. While the story at first doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense the end of game tied everything together rather well and even things that you didn’t think were important came up later and surprised me. Ryse has some of the best combat I’ve ever played in a game and while the game is really linear that didn’t take away from the fun that I had while I played the game.  The voice commands are great and really immersed me in the game. The group combat with the legionnaires could use some work but it was still a lot of fun and if there’s every a part 2 to this game then I would love to see how group combat would work. While the story isn’t going to blow you away it is quite good and will keep you interested while you play through the game.

The sound effects will wow you and for a moment you might think you’re in a theater watching a really good movie. My final verdict for Ryse: Son Of Rome is a 8/10. This is an excellent game that has pretty high replay valu. The fact that I can replay the entire game from scratch without having to start over on my skill tree is awesome and that alone is reason enough for me to want to continue with this game.


  1. Amazing Graphics
  2. Awesome Gameplay
  3. Top Notch Voice Acting
  4. High Replayability
  5. Good Story
  6. The Kinect Works Well With This Game


  1. Fighting As A Unit Could Be Better
  2. Too Linear
  3. No Character Customization
  4. Multiplayer

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Author: Drakulus

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6 thoughts on “Ryse: Son Of Rome Review”

  1. really Good review, i have been looking into a lot of the games for both Xbox one and Ps4 and found this review very helpful as when i looked at gameplay footage i felt it was going to be a long and tiring process which would get boring quite fast, but again im a great believer in story’s being a great point ( and a saviour at times) of some of the best games out there, now a question i had for you, is how much replay value would you say is in the game, as from the review i feel like there won’t be that much as it sounds fairly easy, and alsop, would you feel without the kinect the game would lack in enjoyment

    1. Thanks for the comment and the answer to your question is both a yes and no. If you like hack n slash games in general then I’ll say yes this game will hold you over for quite a while. I’m in the middle of my third playthrough right now but that’s because I love the combat and the story is a added bonus. If you’re not a fan of hack n slash games then my answer is no. You do not need the kinect to play the game. It’s completely optional but in my opinion it’s better with the kinect because you’ll have to hold down the LB in order for your archers to cover you and it takes a while. It’s much quicker just to yell archers fire at the tv screen. Right now I have Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse, and Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare on the Xbox One. I hope this helps you :].

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