Top 8 Weekly Skyrim Mods- Sexy Edition!

This week I’ve done something a little different. For the first time since I’ve started doing these weekly articles I’m going to be showcasing 8 mods this week instead of just 5. I choose all of the hottest files from around the Nexus to showcase in this week’s edition of my top 8 weekly Skyrim mods. I warn you that not every mod here is suitable for younger readers. If you’re easily offended then I’ll warn you now not to go any further into this article because it will most likely piss you off and I won’t bother responding to rude comments so you’ll be wasting you time.

8.  Lady of Death Set by newermind43-

13761-1-1333328116 This mod adds a brand new and quite revealing armor set to Skyrim. This armor set can be created at a forge once you have the necessary materials.

7. a little sexy apparel replacer – for CBBE. UNP, ADEC – With LSAR Addon by Cotyounoyume-


This mod allows you to replace just about every armor set in the vanilla game by giving you different options to choose from when you install the mod. It’ll take you about 20 minutes to look through all the armor set options and decide on if you want your character to wear underwear or not. I will admit that some of the armor sets actually look a little better then the original. If you’re tired of the same old vanilla Skyrim Armors then you might want to consider looking into this mod.

6. Smooth Male Body – Textures For Better Males by urshi –

26145-1-1358088086This mod gives all the male characters in Skyrim smoother skin which actually makes them look a lot younger. One of the problems I always had with Skyrim was the fact that every male character you create in the game looks old. I have nothing against a older character but some times I want to create a young man that actually looks young and this mod helps do that a little.

5. R18Pn 08 – Lingerie Set for CBBE or 7BSevenBase UNP by NPR –

Lingerie Do you ever get tired of going home after a long adventure just to find your wife fully clothed and not even happy to see you? Well this mod can’t change that but it does add some pretty sexy lingerie sets to the game. Here’s a video that pretty much explains what’s in the mod:

4. Tera Armor Collection -CBBE – standalone by Frigus –

29411-5-1384868082 Do you like Tera? How about the armor sets from it? Then you’ll love this mod because it adds quite a few armor sets from that game to Skyrim and they all look really good. Are they lore friendly? Of course not but if you really don’t care about that then go ahead and give this mod a shot.

3.WSBP – Windsong Skyrim Beauty Project v2 by Windsong –

26404-2-1352008178 26404-4-1352008797This mod replaces your current character with new high res character models. The new character presets that you get at the beginning of the game are amazing and you can really create your own special character with them if you’re willing to tweak them to your liking or you can just start the game with the ones that you have.

2. Sporty Sexy Sweat – wet body skin textures – CBBE, UNP, UNPB, ADEC, Vanilla by Xs2reality –

Sweat Mod 1 Sweat Mod As you can see from the pictures above this mod makes your female character able to sweat in the game. Your normal textures files will be replaced by a glistening wet skin that will enhance the realism of your game. I always thought it was weird that no matter how much fighting you did in Skyrim your character never broke a sweat. I won’t say this mod fixes that because your character is literally always wet but it does add a nice change to the game and it do make your female characters look much better in my opinion.

1. SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa –

Scars On Body 4 SG female textures is actually my favorite body texture and the one I’m currently using right now in Skyrim. This mod doesn’t make your women look like supermodels. The textures that are used are 2K and they really do enhance the way your female characters look. It even comes with some nice looking body scars and there’s also an option without the scars if that’s not your thing. SG female textures is my Skyrim mod of the week.

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16 thoughts on “Top 8 Weekly Skyrim Mods- Sexy Edition!”

  1. all the men that come here looking for nude mods and porn style scantily clad mods r disgusting..i cant even begin to say how you guys have no life..why cant the mods just be dressed normal and not look like a woman built to a mans sexual taste? just saying..this is wot is wrong with the world

    1. If you don’t like what’s here feel free to leave. My wife and I love modding Skyrim like this and I don’t care if it offends you. It’s funny how you’re on “my” blog telling me I have no life when you took time from yours to write all that bullshit. Have a nice life.

    1. Lol. I’m doing good thanks for asking :].

      The only way to get ladies looking like that in Skyrim is by modding it so you’re good :].

      You should see how my wife looks at me while I’m writing those articles.

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