Warface Unlock System, Story, And Thoughts

Where was I when this game was announced? Warface is a free to play FPS game made by Crytek, the guys behind Crysis, and Ryse, and it’s run on the Cry Engine. Warface has a unique feature called the Unlock System. Here is what’s on the website about this new feature.

“Before the start of each game, you can select which type of item (gun, outfit, or accessory) you want to unlock. Thereafter, all the work will be done for you: the system will select a random item from whichever category you selected, and adds points towards unlocking it after every game. All you have to do is exceed in combat”

warface 1This actually sounds pretty awesome. The impression that I got was you select what type of item you want and go kick some ass until you get it. Of course the item chosen is random but that sounds better than grinding for countless hours just to get a single ingredient to make a new weapon, cough, Warframe, cough, cough.

Here is a description of the story of Warface.

“A world struggling to emerge from decades of devastation, battered and beaten by the deepest and longest economic freefall in modern history – this recession has affected the strongest national identities and moral ideals.

A gradually smaller percentage of powerful individuals control an increasingly greater percentage of the global wealth. Against threats to its ever more comprehensive interests, ‘Late Capitalism’ fortifies its ivory tower with walled compounds, weapon systems and the unregulated might of Blackwood.”

That description doesn’t actually tell us much about the game itself though.  Is this just like Warframe? So far I’m getting that impression just because there doesn’t seem to be an actual story here but that won’t bother me as long as the game itself is fun.

Here is the Warface Faction.

“US General Lee Warton was both respected and feared by his men for his fierce determination in combat – earning him the nickname ‘Warface’. Warton has come out of retirement to stand against the corruption and violent profiteering of Blackwood. Hundreds join his rapidly growing movement, named after the general himself.

Warface deploys small teams of experienced and highly specialized infantry operators to strike against Blackwood.”

Here is the Blackwood Faction.

“Powerful individuals own the majority of the world’s wealth. They assert their will and protect their money through the power of an army unit known as Blackwood – a collection of smaller military forces forged into an effective and ruthless fighting machine by its CEO, Ursula Ellis. Blackwood believes in strength in numbers and supports their troops with mechanized assets – tanks, assault helicopters, and combat mechs.”

I know Blackwood is the “evil” side of the conflict but man I love that description. I can totally see myself fighting for them if we can play as them.

I am currently downloading Warface right now. Keep an eye out for my official first impressions of the game that will be up later today.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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