Titanfall’s First DLC, Customization, And Single Player Mode News, And Reaction

Titanfall is getting it’s first set of map packs next month. They are called Swampland, Runoff, and Wargames. These three maps are supposed to take place after the main campaign. This DLC will be included in the $25 season pass. It is not known how much this DLC will cost by itself.

Respawn has also announced a 2vs2 last titan standing is coming to the game as a free update. Honestly that mode doesn’t appeal to me at all. I prefer a full team of titans fighting each other over just me and one other person going up against two other people. Respawn also announced that Titanfall will be receiving some new burn cards but it not known what perks they’ll offer us in battle just yet.

They also introduced a new hashtag system. This new hashtag system will allow players with similar interest to play together. There is very little information available about this feature. I will update or write a whole new article when more information is released.

Respawn teased that there will be customization options and competitive player rankings could possibly come to Titanfall. Daily challenges and special tweaks could also appear.

thHere is the big news for all of you that were complaining about Titanfall not having single player. Geoff Kieghley revealed that the studio prototyped a single player mode for Titanfall. Hopefully it’s a single player campaign and not just a single player running around killing grunts.

It seems like Respawn is listening to all of their fans. I have high hopes for Titanfall after reading this. All I really wanted was customization and a better multiplayer experience, but if they’re throwing in a single player mode too I’ll happily take that. I really like the fact that this isn’t just going to be some cheap multiplayer experience and that the developers are really working their asses off to give us a great experience with Titanfall. If Respawn adds everything that they’re teasing us with than I might just revise my review of Titanfall. Especially if we get a real story mode to play through that has actual cutscenes and likable characters.

As of right now the future is looking pretty good for Titanfall.

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Author: Drakulus

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