5 reasons to become a member of Playstation Plus.


For those of you that are or have been a playstation plus member, you will most likely know these things.

1. If you are a member, PS+ will offer you free titles. Not just indie or cheap games, I’m talking about major ones. For an example:
Bioshock Infinite, DMC: Devil May Cry, Payday 2, Borderlands 2, etc etc…

These are not trials or demos. These are full-fledged games that you can have forever, so long as you have plus.
Now if you were to not pay for plus anymore you will lose these games, avatars, demos, trials or add-content.
Although, if you decide on another day that you want it back then you will be able to access all that awesome stuff you downloaded. Just be careful because not all games stay free on plus forever so be cautious about what you buy. If you were to download it then it stays on your account even when they take it off the store.

th2. Some people might have a way of making money right now and that’s great, but when your 1 year playstation plus subscription expires you might not have that way of making money again.
So you will probably want to buy a couple or a few plus cards ahead of time. The cool part is that instead of waiting a year to redeem that second card when your subscription expires, just redeem all three cards and that stacks up so it adds up to 3 years. Unfortunately this does not work with free trials. So if you buy a year of plus and you have a 7 day free trial, do not add the year until 7 days because it won’t add up to a year & 7 days. It’s either/or.

3. It’s all the same. By that I mean that if you only pay 9.99 for the one month you will get the same privileges as the 49.99 membership. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn’t have the same program. On their service if you pay more you get more instead of just being smart and doing the same thing Sony does. I know that some people who read this might think I’m a fan boy but I’m not just because I prefer one product over the other, those are two completely different things. I don’t think Xbox Live is bad but it could be better and that’s not okay. I’m a gamer and I appreciate any person who’s interested in games not matter what console you are on.

4. Playstation Plus Carryover.
If you have one or more playstation devices (except for PS1 & PS2 obviously) your plus will carryover because you are signed into the same account.
This is actually my favorite thing about Plus. I love Sony and I’m definitely getting a PS4, which will be an upgrade from my PS3. Now I am not currently a member but I will be once I get my PS4. I would be able to get free plus content for my vita, PS3 and PS4 as long as my account is on the device.

5. Cloud Storage.
It’s exactly what it sounds like to the people who understand what a cloud is in the digital world.

It provides users with a 3GB online storage for PS4  and a 2GB online storage for PS vita and PS3 users that you can store all your game saves on. So if you lose your system in any situation all you have to do is sign into your account on your new device and go to cloud storage so you can copy it to the system. Now you can play with your skyrim character you had on your old console, unfortunately I was too late and now 3 years spent crafting one guy is gone. He was perfect.

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