Titanfall – Best Match Ever

I finally got my gold membership back and the first thing I did was jump back into Titanfall. To tell you guys the truth I missed that game. After I spent about ten minutes making sure my pilots and titans had everything they needed and immediately jumped into a match. I choose the variety pack and was instantly thrown into a game of attrition. I don’t mind but since I’m coming off of almost three weeks of rust I was a little worried that I might hold the team back and completely suck.

To my surprise this didn’t happen. It’s like I never stopped playing the game. I really love the Xbox One controller. It’s the best controller controller I’ve ever owned. I was killing pilots left and right. As soon as the match started I was standing by two other pilots alongside some grunts fighting off a team of five pilots and some of their grunts. The pilot next to me went down and that left two of us against four of them. Once I saw him go down I decided to throw a grenade in the center of them and before I died the grenade blew up and killed everyone. I had four pilot kills and about five grunts kills already.

Once I was able to use my titan I completely owned the match. Not only was I at the top of the scoreboard but I never lost my first titan. I killed seven Titans in that match and seven pilots. It was intense and at times nail biting because at one point in the match I was up against three titans alone and had to hold out until my friends got there to back me up. We had rockets flying past our heads, pilots trying to board us, and enemy titans trying to punch our faces in but we stood our ground and won the match by more than one hundred points. It was awesome and got me pumped to play a few more matches.

My next match wasn’t anywhere near as good as the first one but I managed to kill ten enemy pilots, two titans, and only managed to die four times.

Titanfall is an incredibly fun game that’s hard for me to put down. Unfortunately since I was playing on the Xbox One I couldn’t get a single screenshot of my game. I was so caught up in my match that I didn’t even bother to record it either. Hopefully I’ll have a repeat performance tomorrow when I jump back in. Until then I’ll see you guys on the battlefield.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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