Game of Thrones – House Martell

Hello, Minions! Back for a quick little insight to prepare you for this Sunday’s Game of Thrones Ep. 3. Because I can’t predict how much they’ll reveal in the next episode or maybe they’ll focus more on Daeny with a little glance over to Tyrion’s current condition and maybe an overall reaction from some of the cast, I thought I’d give you some information on Oberyn and some of the other Martells. Some of you who have read the books will already know this stuff but those of you who are kinda curious about the details of the incidents Oberyn keeps tip-toeing around– I mean, rape and murder is pretty clear but– allow me to catch some of you up.


The Sacking of King’s Landing –

As you know, Oberyn confronts Tyrion to explain to him that he has a debt to settle between Tywin and himself while alluding to the basic events of what happened. His sister, Elia, was married off to Rhaegar Targaryen as a slap in the face to Tywin Lannister when he attempted to arrange a marriage between Rhaegar and Cercei. Elia bore two Targaryen children, her daughter Rhaeyns and her son Aegon. Some time after meeting Lyanna Stark, Rhaegar spirits her away and crowns her the Queen of Love and Beauty, completely casting aside his own wife and children.

A basic summary. Damn, Elia… What a bastard.

So if you’re not already aware, these events led to what was known as “Robert’s Rebellion” where Robert Baratheon fought to bring back the love of his life and his betrothed. Such a force was split into two battles, The Battle of The Trident and The Sacking of King’s Landing. Now to the good stuff! I mean, not that rape and mur– You get what I mean! So while The Battle of The Trident was going on, Tywin Lannister finally joined the battle once he knew who was going to win and marched his men to King’s Landing. Deceiving King Aerys, Tywin sacked the city and allowed the massacre of its’ people. Here is where Elia and her children died gruesomely at the ruthless hands of Ser Gregor Clegane.

Elia Targaryen.

As we’ve heard before, Elia was brutally raped and cleaved after witnessing the horrid murder of her children. What you may have not known was the little comment Oberyn says about “wrapping the children in Lannister cloaks” was missing a fine detail. The Lannister men wrapped all the children in each their cloaks and, one by one, smashed children and babies alike against the hard stone walls of King’s Landing. It’s because of this horrible event that Oberyn holds a unrelenting hatred for the Lannisters and their pet, The Mountain, and seeks his own vengeance. Does anyone remember the mention that he’s called the “Red Viper”? Or maybe the little detail that he’s one of the best swordsmen in all of Dorne?

I absolutely cannot wait to see this fight happen. I won’t spoil anything for you guys but… things are gonna get CRAY.

Honestly, Minions, I wait in deep anticipation for the next couple episodes in this season so whether they decide to cut away to Daenerys across the Narrow Sea or if they want to take some time to look back at the Wildlings building their assault on The Wall or if they decide to stay on Tyrion or if they decide to follow the Bastard of Bolton OR– [{takes a breath}]–  much to catch up on and still so much to build. Game of Thrones is pretty smart about keeping you guessing so I imagine next week we’ll see what Daeny will do about those A-holes who marked every mile of her approach with dead child-slaves just to flip a very distant bird at her.

Who knows?! All we have to do is wait with baited breath and hope to have all of our Game of Thrones fixes so the next week won’t feel nearly as long. Good luck, Minions! I hope you’re excited! If you enjoyed my article, gimme a like, a comment, and maybe follow us or something. May the light of The Seven always protect you, Minions! Until this Sunday!


Author: ZombieNurse

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  2. Really great article, thanks for sharing it.

    That piece with spear-wielding Oberyn facing off against a “mountainous” figure wearing the colors of House Clegane is one of my favorite things.

    I’m really excited to have the story finally get to Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper. Seven Hells!

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