Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods

It’s Thursday again! That means it’s time for another edition of my top 5 weekly Skyrim mods.

5. Seraphine Armor and Seraphine – An Ultra Hi – Res Retexture – by belisariu and betterbecause.

Seraphine armor bottoms Seraphine armorThis mod adds a new armor set to Skyrim. This mod is not a team mod. Belisariu made the mod itself. Betterbecause only made the hi res retexture that you see above. I will place both of the links after I give the description of the mod. If you’re looking for a nice, sexy armor set for you female character look no further. This armor set looks badass and sexy at the same time. Neither mod author actually explained how to acquire this armor so I’m just going to assume that you can make it if you have the necessary materials.

Here are the links.

Seraphine – An ultra hi – res retexture –

Seraphine Armor –

4. The Real Warmaiden by Wilhelm Blecha


The real Warmaiden overhauls the weapon shop in Whiterun. It added some much needed changes to the store like separating the customers from the shop keeper. This added in some immersion because I always thought it was weird the way I could just go behind the counter and get a closer look at everything. The real Warmaiden is a excellent mod and hopefully we’ll see some more shop overhaul mods in the future.

3. Skyrim High Definition LODs  by tamu75

A video does this mod better than pictures. This mod enhances the textures that you see in the distance. The changes are subtle and feel like they’re a part of the game. These are always the best kinds of mods to have. That background song was really beautiful too.

2. Ultimate Fire HD Fire Effects by BuzzDee84

28642-3-1363292428 As you can see from the picture above this mod really improves the fire effects in Skyrim. There are multiple versions so if you can’t run the ultra version you can always get one of the lite versions. Setting people on fire has never felt better with this mod turned on.

1. Vividian Weather Lighting Enhancement by Mangaclub and Benhat

2014-04-15_00034I’ve actually already showcased this mod in a previous article but for those of you that didn’t have a chance to read it I’ll go over it again. Vividian is an ENB, a really powerful one, that enhances your visual experience in Skyrim. The above pic is a before shot of my Skyrim game. Here is a pic after I enable the ENB.

2014-04-15_00035Here is another after shot

2014-04-15_00044Once again this mod will affect your fps so if you’re not sure if you can handle it or not odds are you probably can’t. I really liked the way this mod made my game look and I’m sorry if the pictures aren’t that good. I haven’t had a chance to upload my good ones yet. This wraps up this week’s edition of my top 5 weekly Skyrim mods. I’ll see you guys next Thursday!

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