Behold! Summer Releases for 2014!

Hello again, Minions!

Without much delay, I present to you the summer releases according to Sony! What’ve we got? Let’s take a look.




CounterSpy, by SCE

Destiny, by Activision

Final Horizon, by Eiconic Games

GALAK-Z: The Dimensional, by 17 Bit Games

Helldrivers, by SCE

Murdered: Soul Suspect, by Square Enix

OlliOlli, by Roll7

Pavillon, by Visiontrick

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, by Double Eleven

Sniper Elite 3, by 505 Games

Elder Scrolls Online, by Bethesda

The Evil Within, Bethesda

Race the Sun, by Flippfly

Transformers: Rise of The Dark Spark, by Activision

Velocity 2X, by Futurlab


A short list this summer but it’s clear that a good handful is worth keeping an  eye on. We’ll finally see if ESO is really worth its spit, if Destiny will be as joy-gasmic as the trailers and E3 has been preparing us for, and if The Evil Within won’t just be another… er… I had something for this… ah, phooey, just another revamp of a previous title  that has long lost its’ luster. Let me not forget the Transformer games! Surprisingly good multiplayer game that lets you customize your Transformer into the iconic badass of your childhood dreams.

I hope your dreams stay dry tonight, fellas. Until next time, Minions!


Author: ZombieNurse

A goofy gal who likes to draw things for fun while trying to find her place in the world. Sometimes she thinks she's people and has "opinions" about things but you don't have to worry about that. ...Or do you?

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