Classic Friday! Playstation – Jumping Flash (1995)

Jumping Flash!


Minions! Your Mistress presents to you Japan’s own fever dream, Jumping Flash! A robo-bunny with all the neat little rockets and tech that helps him ascend! In a… flash?  Help defend your shattered planet from an evil astrophysicist as you play the epic robotic rodent, Robbit!

Let’s begin with how frickin’ weird this game is. You play this bouncy, robotic rabbit who collects these carrot things, has lasers and can bounce on enemies to kill them, and you save the day. Pretty simple concept overall and I’ll be very honest, it’s been SO many years since I’ve played this game.

Something like this, Minions.

Maybe when I was younger I was just not used to the whole anime/Japanese style of things but back in 1995 I had no idea I was playing a rabbit. Even the little rabbit icon at the bottom didn’t really look like a rabbit to me back then. Hell, by that time I didn’t even know there were Japanese cartoons; I was watching Kiki’s Delivery Service almost a hundred times thinking it was just another cute odd film. Final Fantasy: Legend of The Crystal animated film was just a cartoon to me. It wasn’t until Toonami that I truly understand what anime was. Good ol’ harem anime like Tenchi Muyo, action/sci-fi like Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop, and shonen anime like Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho; Toonami, like many others, opened my loving eyes to the animation world and its many diversities. Jumping Flash, just like ESPN Extreme Sports, was my first few Playstation games that opened my eyes to these kinds of 3D games.

The levels in this game were pretty diverse for the time, it’s a fun little mind-fuck.

From what I’m told from a very reliable source that in no way happens to be my best friend and is totally profes– Stone her, she has a bias opinion!!— Okay, stop right there! From what I hear, this game may not hold up graphically but it plays well enough for a ’95 game and the humor really makes up for those who may feel the game lacks in too many other places. For memory’s sake, I’ll have to download this game and play it for myself.

As a treat for you all, catch me next Friday for another one of my childhood favorites. If you like our articles go on and press that like button or follow us for updates on some of your favorite games! Or maybe some obscure ones you don’t remember existing! Until next time, Minions!



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