Which has more games? Xbox One or PS4.


Hey People, so lately all I’ve been hearing is how much more games Xbox One has than the PlayStation 4. I’m here to clear up all the metaphorical smoke on this matter.
I don’t think that games should be your only reason to purchase a console and that you should give up on anything simply because they haven’t added or fixed certain content on the system.
The Two consoles were both released in the year 2013.
The Xbox One was released November 22nd.
The Playstation 4 was released in November 15th.
In the month of November the Xbox One offered 21 games all of which you were able to pick up from your local retailer and/or download from Xbox Live.
In the month of November the Playstation 4 offered 24 games that you were able to pick up from your local retailer and/or download from the Playstation Store.


In December the Playstation 4 had only had 6 more games available to consumers, while the Xbox One only had 5 more games available to their consumers.


In January the Xbox One released a single (1) game and in that same month Playstation 4 released a couple (2) of games.


Much like in December, In February the Playstation 4 had 6 more titles and the Xbox One gained 5 more titles.


In March the Xbox One only released 2 games, The Playstation 4 ended up having 10 more games for users.


In April the Xbox One did better than their previous month coming out with 5 more titles. The Playstation 4 however tripled that, releasing 15 titles, not only crushing Xbox One but breaking their own previous month score.


Next month in May The Playstation 4 is supposed to have 5 more games and also the Xbox One will be getting 2 more games.


I made this list because I became annoyed always hearing about how Xbox One owned more games than their competitor Playstation 4. I don’t care rather Microsoft or Sony has more to offer, I don’t think it’s brainless to buy a console simply because it has more titles but rather half thinking the situation. I think you should seriously consider anything you purchase even if you are sure about it.

That’s it for that people.
I left the link down below if you want to see for yourself.
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6 thoughts on “Which has more games? Xbox One or PS4.”

  1. It’s funny how people make assumptions without checking facts. By the end of the console generation I expect both systems to have a similar number of releases given that most developers release their titles on both machines.

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