Game of Thrones Season 4! Episode 4!

Hello, Minions! ThatLady again here to give you another recap of the latest Game of Thrones!Boy, this episode doesn’t cover too many of our favorite characters but I’m guessing it’s for the best, we can now establish a more congruent plot flow. Here we are! Episode 3!


Dun-dun-DUN-dun! Dun-dun-DUN-dun! Episode 3 – DEVELOPMENT!

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 11.55.46 AM   So we open with our quickly growing favorite, Gray Worm, getting his practice in on the Common Tongue. I’m not sure about you, Minions, but this actor’s portrayal of Gray Worm is rather spot on! Not only that but the very few times he talks he just oozes with badassery, even for a tiny, skinny guy. A really pleasant surprise considering he could have easily been casted aside for the more popular characters. In this scene, we get to see him struggle through the new language, elaborating a little more on their childhood and how they were brought into slavery.

That is until the always beautiful Daenerys walks in and gives this big ol’ shit-eating grin like a matchmaker finally seeing the fruits of her labor. It is yet to be confirmed that a romance is what the producers intend for Grey Worm and Missandei but it could be rather interesting to see if anything unfolds in the future, if I do say so myself. By the way, speaking of match-ups…



Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 12.13.34 PM   Is it me? Or have we seen more of Daeny and Ser Barristan together than Mormont this season? It kind of feels like they’re setting up for something, aren’t they? Hm. Let’s go ahead and wait it out before putting any merit in my predictions. Carrying on, we close out this chapter of the episode with everything we were promised in the trailers. Grey Worm hosts a group of men to navigate through the sewers and take the great City of Meereen. From the detail I remember from the books, certain things happen before this that causes Daeny to get pissed off at Mormont to where, contrary to her decision before, she orders Mormont to go with the Unsullied. Allow me to elaborate more on this translation subject once I’m further along this recap. So we have this beautiful scene where one of the many masters who are casually walking the alleyways with two well trained guards finds a message on the wall written in blood; “kill the masters”. Fear creeping up his spine and clearly displayed across his face, his attention turns to the guards pointing at a shadow draped across the crowned symbol of Meereen, the golden harpie. Struggling to find an escape he turns to find they have been replaced by a wall of slaves wielding sharp vengeance as they mercilessly blanket over him.

Maybe it’s just my high expectations but… did that scene seem too damn short to any of you guys? I was expecting to see more of what happened that night, the trailers made it seem grander than it was. Daeny’s part in this episode seemed so underplayed. Although, I loved how untouched my favorite line was; “I will answer injustice with justice.” Ah, it was so good… we needed more of that.


Episode 3 – Crossing Swords!

Bron: "Y'er eyes are a beautiful shade, milord." Jaime: "Baka!" *runs off blushing*
Bron: “Y’er eyes are a beautiful shade, milord.” Jaime: “Baka!” *runs off blushing*

Back in King’s Landing, we peep on Bron and Jaime braiding each other’s hair and talking about the boys they will marry. Soon onto the conversation of what Jaime thinks of Tyrion and whether or not he killed Jamie’s sperm donation. After the common sense dump, Jaime is kind enough to visit his dear brother in the Hilton of dungeon chambers. I would have pegged Jaime as the kind of person who wouldn’t need a reason to visit his little bro, it seems to paint Jaime in this light that he’s still afraid of what his family would think even though his father disowned him and he raped his sister in front of her recently deceased son. It ain’t on HBO for nothin’.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 1.08.02 PM   Anyway, words are exchanged and Tyrion is even more hopeless than he began. Luckily enough, we cut over to Sansa! A woman grown and a woman barely interesting to hear from. Seriously, when is her story going to pick up? In this scene she’s speaking with soon to be Lord of the Eyrie! Little Finger by this point has no real reason to unload all this motivation onto Sansa, although it is very interesting to watch them go back and forth with each other. Sansa starts to show how good she is at connecting the dots and– by the GODS, I’m so happy to see she’s given up the Southern style hair for something more natural. Maybe I’m alone in this or everyone else snoozed through this part but it just makes me rather content.

Look at that weasely face.



Episode 3 – HOT DAMN!

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 1.15.55 PM   Brought back to Hottie McSploosh and her Grandmother, Naughty McI-Once-Had-A-Vagina, where we see yet another chat in the same exact place from last episode talking about yet another slightly irrelevant topic so we can expand Granny’s story s’more about how the Tyrells came from a lineage of ever sploosh-worthy good looks and talents in bed that match their beauty, if not surpass it. Again, kinda irrelevant, all this can be seen from just looking at Marge. Goddamn.

In the end, this whole talk was just to encourage Marge to get off her ass and go checkout the groom-to-be and make sure to plant that figurative flag. Smart plan, I’m sure we will miss Lady Tyrell and her amazing stories and smile plaguing interactions with anyone. Oh, yeah, did you notice how the show just unveils the relationship between Baelish and the Tyrells? Yeah, I’m starting to regret not reading the books faster.


This episode, Jon finds himself a new love interest.
This episode, Jon finds himself a new love interest.

A leap, hop, and a skip away, we have Jon on The Wall. The less said about that the better. This whole scene is just padding, Jon is trying to help but because none of the higher ups like him he’s shit on. Here, you can see how the men respect him and wish to learn from him, but not before Jon makes a new friend. Please, NEXT.



Yaay, this again...
Yaay, this again…


So we have yet another scene where Cercei bitches at Jaime because she can and because she’s drunk and bitter and– Cercei. She questions her brother’s honor in that he may have too much honor and why would Jaime not bend his honor for something she wants, in her typical self-absorbed way. She wants all the figurative roaches in her kitchen crushed under her narrowly viewed sense of justice even if it means she has to burn everything to the ground. Cercei is the type of person who, when threatened to such a degree, will allow her fear of everything keep her sensible side fiercely pushed so far back that all she sees are threats even in her own shadow. We haven’t seen just yet how bad she can get, not yet.

Imagine how blind with rage she’d become if another child of hers died. Remember, Marcella is across the waters in Dorne and Tommen is the new King and is in constant danger. Anything could happen to them at any time, for whatever reason. We already know the Tyrells are conspirators who know how to get shit done when needed to. As we’ve learned over going on four seasons is no one’s life is sacred, anyone can die well before they’ve finished what they were set out to do. Speaking of setting out to do…

I love the contrast in color in this scene.
I love the contrast in color in this scene.

Marge takes her Grandmother’s advice and goes to see Tommen. I remember it not being such a big deal in the books, Marge and Tommen were almost always together when they could be and when she wasn’t around him she was with her cousins or something. I can kinda see why they made it out to be this way in the show but then again Tommen was supposed to be an 8 year-old. Could you imagine this kid here having even more trouble sleeping after Marge’s visit? With a wife like that, I’m certain he’ll be spanking it until he’s old enough to give her the baby gravy himself.



Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 2.04.56 PM   Whoo! I never thought I’d see Brienne! She’s so fun to watch on screen. on one side, we have Jaime; the collective definition of a beautiful man and crooked morals. On the other side, we have Brienne; the collective nature of all things masculine and pure of heart. I think it’s because of this that they are so wonderful to see together, in many ways Brienne has become the voice of reason and the reminder of his honor before he became the King Slayer. This hulking tower of a woman is the only positive reinforcement in Jaime’s life. His family treats him like shit, always wants things of him when all he wants is the more simple things. Even then the things he has his sights set on is only a fever dream, nothing will end with sunshine and rainbows if he keeps chasing Cercei. It speaks volumes when the woman you supposedly are in love with carries and gives birth to your children and yet you feel no remorse for the child when they die. You don’t need someone to give you permission to care for your children or give you permission to acknowledge them.

I hope I’m not the only one who feels it would be cute to see Jaime and Brienne officially together. Of course, this is Game of Thrones. Anyone can be next on the chopping board. It’s possible Brienne may not back it back to King’s Landing. Off she goes to find Sansa! Yaay! I really hope she finds the Stark girls, it would be nice to finally have them in a scene together again.

Can we take a moment to appreciate this... THIS?
Can we take a moment to appreciate this… THIS?



And then Jon rallies the troops and flips the bird to Alliser Thorne who underestimated Jon’s influence among his brothers. NEXT!

Okay, well, on the subject of Sam… I was actually quite disappointed to see that Sam was pacing and dumping all these worries onto Jon. In the books (jeez, I hate starting sentences like this…), Sam knows Jon enough to decide not to tell him about Bran going beyond the wall because of what happened when he heard Rob was marching into battle. He kept it in so Jon could do right by the Night’s Watch, to be focused on what truly mattered in the end; protecting the realm by holding The Wall. It was a hard decision to make but he knew what he must do, this was one of the more distinguishing moments for Sam because it showed how loyal of a friend he is.

So then this scene happened and I had a facepalm attack. Oy…


Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 3.31.16 PM   Back at Craster’s Keep, we have the… eh… erm… are they cannibals now? I can’t tell. We have the worst kind of men, which always brings me to wonder; if the Night’s Watch is made up of liars, thieves, rapists, molesters, as well as the unlucky how did they ever think to turn them into men you can trust to guard your back? I get it’s supposed to be a giant bootcamp for unruly men but I can trust this is a world where there is more bad than good and you’re lucky to find someone who won’t filet you for fun.

Alright, so the worg returns! Bran and the crew… get captured. I thought they had someplace to be? Why would they stop to check out this place full of questionable people and actions? What was their motive? Weren’t they looking for a baby? Why would they concern themselves with anything else but the trapped wolf? I imagine if they did unlock Ghost and Summer, they wouldn’t have needed to bother with all those men, the wolves would have just torn all of them apart. Well… Yaay, Bran does nothing. Again.

Let’s just see where this goes.


Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 3.44.37 PM


Finally, we have our ending. A whole four minutes of our mysterious White Walker trekking across the frigid cold of the farther North, heading to what we cannot explain just yet. Minions, I have not read too far into this series so I can’t say for sure what they’re doing here. From that I’ve been hearing, this scene here is one of the many “creative liberties” the producers have been making. Although it’s a very pretty and very interesting liberty, I have untethered myself from relating the books at all to the tv series (like any logical fan would do). According to rumor, George R. R. Martin has had his fill of these changes/detours from his creation and may possibly make this the last season they produce.

Well, he’s to hoping. I’ll catch you again next week on my weekly recap of Game of Thrones! If you enjoyed my article, hit that like button and subscribe to follow posts! Til next week, Minions! My the light of The Seven protect you!


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