Classic Friday! Spider (1997)

Hello again, Minions! Welcome to another installment of Classic Friday with your beloved Mistress and Future-Ruler-Of-The-World, ThatLady. This week I shall cover one of my nostalgic childhood favorites!

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Spider (1997) was a 3D side scrolling game where you could control a spider with questionable amount of acquirable artillery. In this game you play a spider created from SCIENCE where the scientist transfers his thoughts to his experiment, like a mind remote. Being monitored by the company he works for, they swiftly swoop in and beat/kill the scientists. Luckily, he can still live through the spider to seek out his revenge. All one inch of it. (Insert “That’s What She Said” Joke)


playstation-35064-11316065870 (1)   This game had pretty much what you’d remember from video games back then; lives, a health bar, and a status overview. The spider view on the bottom center shows off what attacks and upgrades you’ve collected. You can acquire anything from missile launchers, flamethrowers, blades, boomerangs, poison gas that strangely works like flamethrowers… anything your arachnid-fearing heart would ever desire. Hm, maybe I should have put more thought into the ending of that sente– SPIDERS! That made me giggle just a little.



The one thing I can always say about this game is how much I like the stage designs. They always seem to capture the mood and/or the overall theme of each location you visit. The music in this game is still pretty great. In Spider, your collectables are these little chromosomes, pick up a certain amount and you gain an extra life. Y’know, the usual.


spider12   The enemies in this game ranges from other insects like wasps, other spiders that explode when killed, and some other creepy crawlies. There are also birds and the perilous elements like water, fire, and electricity. As what comes expected from a spider, your means of conveying through these levels spans farther than just holding the left and right directional buttons. You can also climb walls and ceilings, even drop down from a web and swing yourself to another platform!

I feel like even for a Playstaion game Spider‘s graphics still hold up today even if it looks less like a spider nowadays than when I was a kid. It still plays well, overall, definitely a game worth playing again.

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Author: ZombieNurse

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