Dark Souls II – My New Character

I’m in the middle of my second playthrough of Dark Souls II and I thought it would be a good idea to make a new character. I decided to make a Deprived this time around. The Deprived class starts off with nothing. You don’t even get a club like you did in Dark Souls 1. All you get are your two fist. This is a great because it lets me start off at soul level 1. I can literally build my character up the way I want and so far I’m having a blast. Here are some pictures of my new character.

2014-05-04_00024 2014-05-04_00025 2014-05-04_00029 2014-05-04_00030 2014-05-04_00031 2014-05-04_000262014-05-04_000272014-05-04_000302014-05-04_000392014-05-04_00041 2014-05-04_00035 2014-05-04_00038 2014-05-04_00042

I think I did a really good job creating her. The character creator in the soul series has never been really good, but I think if you put in a amount of effort you can create some really good looking characters. I’m thinking about making this character a warrior since my main character is a magic user. I’m not sure yet. I’ve only leveled up a few times and so far I’m favoring a dex build for this character. I’m using a enb in the pics that I took. Dark Souls II looks really good with it turned on.

I can still run the game at a solid 50fps too.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

6 thoughts on “Dark Souls II – My New Character”

  1. I do take advantage of the ability to summon players. It’s the only reason I got past the first boss haha. I did grind for a bit, but in DS2 it appears that enemies become extinct once you grind in a zone for a while.

    1. that is true. Try killing some giants. Just roll out of the way of their attacks. I think I can make a video to show you some tips for beating the Pursuer if you want :]. He’s not that hard at all if you know what to do.

      1. I am playing the PS3 version. My progress is pathetic. I only got past the first boss. Like the original DS I doubt I will finish the game. Due to my limited gaming time if I get stuck on a game I tend to to move onto something else.

      2. Why don’t you summon people for help? Or just grind by killing enemies and increasing your level. Are you stuck on the Pursuer? Don’t fight him now then. Go to a different area and fight the other bosses. It can be found in Majula. It’s too bad I can’t help you out. I’m on the PC.

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