Pokemon: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

You heard me right, Minions! Nintendo released news of a newly remade Ruby and Sapphire early this morning tagged with a nice little teaser trailer I have so kindly been able to provide for you here. Enjoy!



Being a huge fan of the first half of the Pokemon entries, I adore Ruby and Sapphire. Hearing this news has got me all sorts of excited. I can already imagine how the surfing will look, especially since I remember this game having more of a use for surfing with more water mazes. If they bring back the use of diving so we can catch specific deep sea Pokemon or find hidden items and TMs it would give the world much more depth, no pun intended. More areas to explore, more hidden caves, more… everything. Giving us more puzzles, more challenge in gym battles would be a definite step forward for this series. I want a challenge like facing Whitney’s Miltank!

Hm, maybe my views are a little too progressive. My main concern with the Pokemon series is that they aren’t keeping up with the generations that grew up with the series, they keep aiming for the kids who may know or may not know of the game just yet and have to cater to their strength in understanding. How about we have a test battle in the beginning of the game, starts off kinda weak but the more competent you are at battling these Pokemon the easier it is to gauge your strength as a trainer. Even if someone failed the intro battle, the difficulty could be adjusted once you’re in the game and have finally built a better foundation.

I have not been personally upset with any of the recent Pokemon games but I do feel that it should be able to challenge you on top of giving you a chance to be closer to your Pokemon, which was my I adored the installment of Pokemon-amie. It was an adorable way to make you feel more in touch with the Pokemon you’ve trained.

Well, Minions! I’ll be off now! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my update. You can expect Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to be released in November, this year. You may squeal now.


Author: ZombieNurse

A goofy gal who likes to draw things for fun while trying to find her place in the world. Sometimes she thinks she's people and has "opinions" about things but you don't have to worry about that. ...Or do you?

3 thoughts on “Pokemon: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire”

    1. Dude I remember when she took out my entire team when I was a kid. It’s too bad Pokemon had to get so easy. I think you’re confusing games though. Milktank was in Gold/Silver. In Ruby/Sapphire you had to fight your own father as a gym leader and catch all three Regi’s :].

  1. I squealed like a little girl when you told me about this earlier today. I agree with all of your points. They a difficulty bar or something in these new Pokemon games. Most hardcore Pokemon fans are in their 20’s now anyway. I love playing hacked Pokemon games. They are a lot harder, but I’m really excited about this :].

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