Classic Fridays! PC – Paperboy 2 (1991)

Hello, Minions! I suppose this could be proof that I was originally a PC gamer. All those many years before this one dawned the “ThatLady” honor, my father and his friend worked together to build a computer. In the early 90’s computers were considerably shallow and barren compared to what we have today but it was still an amazing feat for a mostly inept alcoholic to put together a whole computer enough for his beautiful daughter to get in on some amazing early gaming. ‘Cause as we know, computers were only really expensive Super Nintendos. Here we have, Paperboy:

If you ever play this game, don’t go about it like this guy did. Although, I doubt anyone would subject themselves to this kind of crazy. Except maybe this guy here:

Ah, how the memories never fade away! I don’t think as a kid I figured out what the brakes were so I was speeding through there with all reckless abandon tossing papers at all mailboxes without prejudice! That’s how I toss, it’s all or nothin’. I’ll rain down a rainbow of color coated chao– Paperboy 2 has quite the many releases all throughout ’91 and ’92. On the PC, Atari, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, NES, SNES, Game Gear– JEEZ, that’s just the ones I know of!

Let’s see if I can try and remember a title from my past. Thanks again, Minions for tuning into another week of Classic Fridays! I hope you enjoyed this week’s game. Seriously, I played this game to death as a kid. Until next update!


Author: ZombieNurse

A goofy gal who likes to draw things for fun while trying to find her place in the world. Sometimes she thinks she's people and has "opinions" about things but you don't have to worry about that. ...Or do you?

5 thoughts on “Classic Fridays! PC – Paperboy 2 (1991)”

    1. I’m not sure what that is, my father was the only one who threw money and whatever else he could to get new toys to play with. It was a good thing he was still a kid or else I’d be like all the other cool kids using their “imagination” or whatever they used to do to have fun back then.

    1. It was a very silly game but I remember trying to get past easy street. As a kid, I broke all the windows and was an overall menace to the neighborhood. It was pretty awesome xD

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