Characters I Would Like To See In The Next Dynasty Warriors Game Part 2 – Yan Liang And Wen Chou

Yan Liang

There is very little information on Yuan Shao’s general Yan Liang. Unless you believe the bullshit that Luo Guanzhong said about him in his book Romance Of The Three Kingdoms. Don’t get me wrong I love that book, but it’s not exactly historically accurate.

The  only thing that can be said about Yan Liang is that he participated in a battle and was killed by Guan Yu. The reason why I want him in a Dynasty Warriors game so bad is because I think it’s about time Yuan Shao had his faction. He has enough generals to have one, but Koei hasn’t put any of his officers in the game yet. I wonder why that is?

Both Yan Liang and Wen Chou and are noted for being very fierce warriors on the battlefield, but there are little to no records of their feats in battle. Maybe this is why there’s not in the game. Then again you could say the same thing about Taishi Ci.

I would love to see Yan Liang in the next Dynasty Warriors game simply so we could have a more fleshed out story with Yuan Shao.

Wen Chou

There is even less information about Wen Chou then there was about Yan Liang. The only the thing that can be said for certain is that Wen Chou was a fierce warrior that could match the might of Yan Liang. Wen Chou died shortly after Yan Liang, but it is not known who slew him. Some historical records said it was Guan Yu, but we can’t be certain on that.

Wen Chou would also make a great addition to Dynasty Warriors. It would definitely make the battle of Guan Du more interesting. I would love to actually have a hard time against both Yan Liang and Wen Chou on the battlefield instead of just killing them without any effort.

If Yan Liang and Wen Chou were added in that would make five potential officers under Yuan Shao. We would have Zhang He, Zhen Ji, Yan Liang, Wen Chou and Yuan Shao himself. You could even throw in his son as an added bonus.

I’ve been wishing for these two generals to be added in the game or years, but it’s never happened. I guess we can always hope.

In part three I will be talking about Hua Xiong. Hua Xiong was a general under Dong Zhuo and while historical records don’t have much to say about him in the game he’s always played a very important role and he should have been added in years ago.

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