Godzilla Review [2014]

So… we just got back from watching Godzilla and it was pretty awesome. Lunaliah and I will be reviewing this movie together.

The reboot to Godzilla is leagues better than the movie that we got back in the 90’s. It took quite a while for anything really good to happen in this film, but I actually like the fact that they teased us so much throughout the film. It made seeing Godzilla that much more epic.

In the beginning of the film we have Joe Brody, Bryan Cranston, getting ready for a busy day at the office. His wife and kid had to remind him that it was his birthday. That’s how you know that person works to hard if they forget their own birthday. I’ve done that once or twice in my life.

Godzilla Soon after Joe arrives at work all hell breaks loose. Bryan Cranston gave one hell of a performance at the very beginning of the movie. It was touching and honestly I think it’s Oscar worthy. How awesome would it be if people started nominating movies like this for an Academy Award?

From the trailer I thought that Bryan was going to be in the whole movie, but boy was I wrong. He died in the first 30 minutes of the film. I was so disappointed because this was the one guy that I actually liked. The guy that had lost the love of his life and would do anything to prove that he was right along.

He wanted to prove that there was something out there that caused the catastrophe that happened years ago. After Joe Brody died his son became the focus of the movie. From time to time we would get to see what Ken Watanabe was doing, but I felt like he should have been added in more scenes.

Godzilla-2014-RoarI didn’t mind Ford, but he’s hard to like because of the mediocre actor that played him. You could argue that Bryan Cranston was the only good actor in this film. I know Ken Watanabe could do better than what we got from him in this movie.

I didn’t really mind the acting because I was just there to see Godzilla. They could have had porn stars as the stars of the movie and I wouldn’t care.

As I mentioned before Godzilla was teased a lot in this movie. When I thought we were finally going to see Godzilla kick some ass it went to a different scene and we got to see the news report on it. I don’t mind teasing, but I think it was a little overdone here.

The end fight really paid off though and it made the endless teasing that we had to endure through the whole movie worth it. Godzilla finally got a chance to fight and it was awesome. The visuals in this film are amazing and this movie set itself up for a sequel so that leaves us to one question.

Who will Godzilla fight next? I would love to see him go up against Destroyah or King Ghidorah. What about Mechagodzilla? That would be an awesome fight.

What I liked most about this film was the way Godzilla looked. He’s Godzilla! He’s not some iguana looking T-Rex on steroids anymore. Godzilla looks better now than he ever has in any of his past films. In the sequel [ you know there’s going to be a sequel.] I would like to see more of Godzilla instead of being teased all the time.

I really loved this film. I haven’t seen a good Godzilla movie in years and this movie has me hopeful that’ll we’ll see a few more in the next few years. Godzilla was intense and I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire time I was watching it.

When you walk away from a movie with more positives than negatives then you know you’ve seen one hell of a film and that’s exactly how we feel about Godzilla.

Our Verdict: 9/10

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

7 thoughts on “Godzilla Review [2014]”

  1. Great review. I liked the film and thought the majority of the film was good, which is a nice change from the 98 version which was mostly bad.

    The visuals and tone worked really well but the characters where lifeless, except Cranston.

    Still bring on MechaGodzilla! 😀

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