Like A Virgin!

Like A Virgin!


Is the first time the best time? No we are not talking sex.

Could another iteration of a game equal the experience of the original before it?

Before you had your chance at it, you heard people talk about it.

You check out this game, it has been hyped up to be one of the best games ever created. You give in so that you can experience this game especially with all the hype it has been receiving.


You open the package, rip the plastic off and gain instant satisfaction during your time of playing the game.

You lose over and over against the computer but you don’t care because you were playing the game that was hot for the moment.

Have sequels and or reboots of games lived up to the hype of their originals? Take Killer instinct for example, the hyper combo fighter debuted in 1994 and featured 2d combat with fast paced combos and fatality like finishers. There was a ton of inputs to master and the more you practiced the more you were rewarded.

Fast forward to 2013 and we see the digital release of Killer Instinct on the Xbox One.  The game features the same combos minus the finishing moves that we were used to.

The graphics are beautiful with 3D models but has the game play changed?  The answer to this question would vary depending on who you ask, I would say yes, the game is now a button mashers dream.

Don’t know a combo? Button mash your way to victory. The experience I had playing this game didn’t match up to the original. In my opinion the first time was the best time!

What are you thoughts? Is there a game that you have played that matched up to it’s original?



Author: englishgameruninhibited

I am a English Fanatic with a love for video games. so I thought why not combine the two. I post every so often to give my ideas time to gel. I have been gaming since the 90's. I love writing and reaching people.

2 thoughts on “Like A Virgin!”

  1. With most games the first time tends to be the best. Sequels may improve the gameplay mechanics, but generally nothing beats the inaugral experience and followups will just feel like more of the same.

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