Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a throwback to the old first person shooters from the 90’s, but it also has the fps elements that you would expect in any fps game that releases today.

Wolfenstein is a depressing game. The game starts off in World War II. You’re in a plane flying overseas to join your comrades in trying to rid the world of the Nazis forever, but before you get you’re attacked. You’re immediately thrust into a turret scene and your goal is too shoot everything that moves. B.J. Blaszkowicz returns as the main protagonist and the things that he had to go through in this game made me cringe at times.

downloadWolfenstein was straight up disturbing at times. The thing that sticks out the most is when I infiltrated a prison and saw one of the Nazis snatch a baby and hold the poor guy upside down while she beat his father with a police baton. She was just dangling the baby around like a rag doll. It was disturbing,

but at the same time I’m surprised that was even in the game. I’ve never seen anything like it and honestly I’m impressed. The Nazis in this game behave the way you would expect them to. They’re all scum and won’t hesitate to torture and kill you. I’ve come across piles of bodies that were tortured to death by commanding officers.

Totenkopf has to be one of the most twisted villains I’ve ever gone up against. I watched him cut a man open and suck his brain out of the back of his head. Every character that I came across in this game was memorable. Everyone was very well done and the voice acting was top notch.

imagesEvery cutscene was shot beautifully and you really get to see just how hopeless everything really is. The Nazis have conquered everything. The entire world is theirs and everyone that’s ever tried to stand up and fight them have either been arrested or tortured to death.

Wolfenstein is a beautiful game on both the Xbox One and PC. Both versions are really smooth, but if you are on the PC there are some really bad texture pop ins every time you turn around. It gets really distracting and some times really annoying.

The Xbox One version worked flawlessly for me. The textures were beautiful, the sound effects are all top notch, and most importantly my fps didn’t drop a single time in the 20+ hours that I spent in the game. This is one of the rare times that I would recommend you guys go out and buy the console version of the game instead of the PC one.

WolfensteinThe gameplay in Wolfenstein is by far the best part about the game. You’ll be going up against impossible odds on every single stage in the game. This isn’t a simple Call of Duty shoot em up though. You’ll have to use proper strategy to take out most enemies in the room or you’ll die alot. You can’t sit around and camp because the enemies will flush you out with well aimed grenades or they’ll simply let the most heavily armored person go into the room first with a shotgun that has bullets that bounce off the walls. You’ll constantly have to move around from cover to cover while firing off shots whenever you can.  There are multiple ways you can approach each situation.

You can either go in guns blazing or use a more stealthy approach. The stealth in game works really well and I actually managed to max out both my assault and stealth perk trees in my first playthrough. You have to fulfill a certain requirement in order for you to unlock perks. You’ll have to kill two or more enemies at a time with a single grenade or throw your knives into 20 Nazis in order to get your next perk. Some perks can only be unlocked by unlocking the previous perk before them. So you’ll have to plan which ones you want to get.

In addition to perks there are a bunch of collectibles for you to hunt down. You can get figurines of each character in the game, collect enigma codes, maps, and gold. One thing that I’ve noticed that never gets mentioned in any reviews of this game is the awesome easter egg.

You can go to sleep in your hideout and have a nightmare. That nightmare will take you to Castle Wolfenstein and your goal is to simply escape. It was one of the most enjoyable parts of the game and I would recommend buying it for that stage alone.

Wolfenstein-The-New-OrderWolfenstein has some romance and honestly I thought it was really well done. It’s as close to a real relationship as you get in a game between two characters. After B.J. woke up from his vegetable state he ended up falling in love with the woman that took care of him for all those years. He hinted at it before he even woke up and I thought that was cool. Throughout the game B.J. and his and Polish girlfriend, Anya, will hold each other, sleep together, talk about a future together that doesn’t involve killing Nazis, and even have some pretty hardcore sex. I loved their relationship. I even loved how B.J. would dream about Anya or talk about her with himself.

Wolfenstein is linear, but the stages are designed so well that the game feels bigger than what it actually is. There is always more than one way to approach a situation. You’ll get to explore the areas to find secrets or just find another route that doesn’t have you walking into a room filled with 20 enemies trying to blow your head off. You’ll go from fighting in a prison to fighting on the moon. The sound effects up in space was incredible. Nothing really made a sound. I felt like I was watching Gravity again because of this and it made me enjoy the game that much more.

There are two different time lines that you can playthrough. If you decide to save Fergus you’ll be play his time line. Or you can save Wyatt and play his time line. The stages are the same no matter who you choose to save, but there are some differences in your hideout.

Honestly Fergus’s timeline feels like the canon time line. I liked it a lot more than Wyatt’s.  In Fergus’s time line you’ll get to upgrade your health after each mission. You also get to meet one of the best npcs in the game.

In Wyatt’s time line you get to upgrade your armor and you’ll meet a electric guitar player that has burns all over his body. That’s actually one thing you’ll see a lot in this game. Everyone you meet will have scars from the war against the Nazis.

wolfenstein-the-new-order-game-wallpaper-1920x1080B.J. probably has more than everyone else combined. I think the story in this game is really underrated. I thought it was really good and really fucking depressing. There is no live happily ever after. I really want to tell you guys about it, but I’ve decided to save it for another post so keep an eye out for that.

The world of Wolfenstein has never been as alive as it is in The New Order. Around every corner you’ll see just how hopeless everything really is. Wolfenstein tells a touching story and has some really memorable characters. The gameplay is fast and I love that you can dual wield shotguns. I love the different variety of weapons you get throughout the game.

The laser gun is probably my favorite gun. You can cut through fences or just use it as a gun and literally  blast them to pieces. It was hard to say goodbye to B.J., but it’s been one hell of a ride. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Wolfenstein: The New Order and it has earned our official recommendation.

Our Verdict: 9/10

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