Characters I Would Like To See In The Next Dynasty Warriors Game Part 4 – Cheng Pu

To this day I am still dumbfounded by the fact that Techmo Koei still hasn’t added Cheng Pu to the Wu roster. They added Han Dang and Zhu Ran, but when you compare their feats to Cheng Pu they just can’t compete.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written one of these articles. That’s because I have to do extensive research on the person that I will be talking about. I like to share some of their feats along with why I think they should be added to Dynasty Warriors. I hope you guys enjoy this article

Life Under Sun Jian

Cheng Pu wasn’t just a warrior on the battlefield. He began his career under the great Sun Jian. He was a good warrior and better tactician. Cheng Pu was said to be a handsome man. He was always dressed nicely, but he was also known to have many scars from the battles that he participated in.

Cheng Pu fought in the Yellow Scarves Rebellion under Sun Jian. He also participated in the campaign against Dong  Zhuo.

Life Under Sun Ce

After Sun Jian died Cheng Pu served his eldest son Sun Ce. Cheng Pu helped Sun Ce conquer Jiangdong, Luijang, and Hengjiang, defeating Zhang Ying and Yu Mi.

Cheng Pu also participated in the conquest of Moling, Hushu, Jurong, Qu’e. For his many contributions Sun Ce awarded Cheng Pu 2,000 additional troops and 50 horses. C

Cheng Pu was later awarded with the rank of Commandant of Wu commandery of Qiantang.

Cheng Pu also suppressed rebellions in the Wu territory. Bandits were known to roam the lands. Sun Ce was attacking the bandits led by Zu Lang, he was surrounded by the enemy. Cheng Pu, accompanied by only one horseman, charged into the enemy and rescued his lord. Cheng Pu fought so fiercely that the bandits withdrew in fear from him.

Cheng Pu was appointed General of the Household Who Rocks Bandits and Administrator of Lingling.

Life Under Sun Quan

After Sun Ce’s death in 200, Cheng Pu, along with many other retainers pledged their allegiance to Sun Quan. Cheng Pu traveled through Sun Quan’s territory and attacked anyone that didn’t submit to their new ruler.

Cheng Pu eventually replaced Taishi Ci as commander of a garrison at Haihan. During the battle of Red Cliffs, Cheng Pu and Zhou Yu served as the left and right commanders. If you’ve ever played a Dynasty Warriors game than you should already know that battle played out.

Cheng Pu and Zhou Yu led Sun Quan’s forces in the subsequent Battle of Jiangling. They successfully defeated Cao Ren. After that battle, Cheng Pu was promoted to Major-General.

Cheng Pu was the eldest among all of the senior generals under Sun Quan so the others often addressed him as “Elder Cheng” to show their respect towards him. Cheng Pu was said to be a very generous man. It is not known when Cheng Pu died.

Cheng PuCheng Pu would be an awesome character to play as in Dynasty Warriors. He has many feats and it would give Wu another old man to choose. I love Huang Gai, but I would much rather play as Cheng Pu. I think he should use some sort of spear as a weapon. I know there are already a ton of spear users in Dynasty Warriors, but I think if he’s created the right way he could be a beast on the battlefield.

Some stages could be centered around him. I would love to see him kick some bandits ass while protecting his Lord from harm. We have characters like Da Qiao, and Zhen Ji, but we can’t play as Cheng Pu? It’s just odd to me because everyone has been requesting Cheng Pu for years. If i’m not mistaken he is the most requested character to this day.

His feats in battle speaks for themselves. Put this man in the game and make every Dynasty Warriors fan out there very, very happy. Koei is known to make odd decisions in terms of new characters. Who wanted Lian Shi? She is probably one of the most useless characters in the game. All she does is crush on Sun Quan and try to protect Lady Sun [Sun Shang Xiang].

I would rather have Cheng Pu everyone else that I’ve mentioned so far. He’s probably my most requested character, but I’m not sure yet because there are still plenty more characters for me to talk about in the near future.

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