Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Review

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends is the first Dynasty Warriors game to release on PC in a long time. In Dynasty Warriors 8 We’re taken back to the Three Kingdoms Era of Chinese History, but if you’re a Dynasty Warriors fan like I am than you should already know that this game is not historically accurate. 

But that’s not really a bad thing because telling the exact same story would eventually get really boring right? It’s true that technically all of the Dynasty Warriors games does indeed tell the exact same story, but it’s always done in different ways. Dynasty Warriors finally started killing main characters in part 7 and it was awesome.

2014-05-19_00014Unfortunately the same  can’t be said about the story mode this time around. Everything feels cheaper in this game than it did in Dynasty Warriors 7. Instead of Koei taking another big step forward in their storytelling they took a step backwards. The gameplay more than makes up for the lack of a story though and lets be honest the gameplay is why we’re all playing Dynasty Warriors anyway.

Everything is really responsive on the PC. Dynasty Warriors 8 did have some minor issues at launch, but it’s not as horrendous as Watch Dogs. It’s easy to chain combos together and every character in the game has their own special attacks and fighting styles.

In every Dynasty Warriors game there are new characters added to the roster and this game is no exception. Some long requested officers has finally made it to the game, but I still wish they would have added more. Some well known characters still don’t have their own faction.

Yuan Shao, and Dong Zhuo should have their own factions, but they don’t. Instead they’re just their for no reason other than to be there. It’s a big missed opportunity for Koei.

2014-05-19_00001The voice acting this time around is about the same as it was in Dynasty Warriors 7. Some characters sound really good while others sound worse. Zhang Liao had an excellent voice in Dynasty Warriors 7, but for some odd reason they decided to make him sound younger.

There are multiple story lines for you to play through in Dynasty Warriors 8. There’s Wu, Shu, Wei, Jin, Lu Bu, and some secret stories that can be unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions in the game. There are even some what if story lines that can be unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions on certain stages.

Graphically, Dynasty Warriors 8 looks better than every Dynasty Warriors game that’s come before it. Every character in the game looks really good. Their armor sets are full of detail and the physics work really well. The armor or clothing that the characters are wearing will move along with the character. The female body parts will also move around, but it doesn’t look unnatural and out of place.

The only problem that I’ve noticed with the textures is when I zoom in on a characters face. It’s really blurry and blocky and just feels cheap when you look at how nice the armor sets look. It’s a big distraction, especially during cutscenes.

2014-05-13_00021In addition to story mode there is also Free Mode, Ambition, and Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode lets you accept a variety of different challenges. There’s your basic kill as many enemies as you can in a certain amount of time and there’s also a time attack mode. There are many challenges available, but I honestly didn’t spend too much time on them. I would have preferred a more fleshed out story than extra challenges.

2014-05-20_00012Free Mode allows you to complete any story mode mission with any character in the game instead of being locked to three people. It’s a good way to train your favorite officer without having to do Ambition.

Ambition lets you build a city large enough to accommodate the emperor. The goal of this mode is to build a large kingdom while collecting as many allies as possible. It’s as close as we’ll ever get to Empires, but unfortunately it’s not anywhere near as enjoyable as Empires. I still had a ton of fun playing this mode though.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends is exactly what I was expecting that’s a simple hack n slash game. Is it repetitive? Absolutely, but it’s also a lot of fun. If you love metal music and kicking ass than you’ll be right at home with this game.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends story mode may be disappointing when compared to Dynasty Warriors 7, but the non stop action, awesome soundtrack, Ambition Mode, Free Mode, and the new officers in the game more than make up for it.

Our Verdict: 8/10

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