Enemy Front Review

Everyone knows about all the major battles of WWII and if you don’t than you should read a  book and educate yourself. Instead of telling the same old story that other games have literally done tons of times, Enemy Front focuses on the smaller battles and that is what makes this game unique when compared to other WWII shooters. 

The only problem is that it fails to actually deliver on giving us a good first person shooter to play. What we got here was a game that was clearly rushed out the door by the publisher. Some environments don’t fully load and you can see right through the walls.

The controls are very dated. It doesn’t matter how high I would take the sensitivity up on my mouse it would still take me forever to turn around. The actual shooting mechanics reminded me of Call of Duty 2. Enemy Front is not a fun game to play.

maxresdefaultGraphically, Enemy Front won’t wow anyone. I know in my first impression I said the game looked pretty good, but I was only about 20 minutes in the game at that point. The textures  are very flat and muddy looking. We all know what the Cry Engine is capable of doing and it looks like the developers got lazy.

The animations aren’t any better. Most of the time every walks like they have a stick shoved really far up their asses. That’s assuming you can see them because most of my npcs were invisible and all I could see were their clothes walking around. It honestly reminded me of that Kevin Bacon movie. You guys know the one I’m talking about.

enemy_front_8_605xWith all of these problems present in the game is there anything that Enemy Front does right? The answer is no. The story is decent at best, but the voice acting is so bad you would really rather not hear anyone speak. This game is Two Worlds II kind of bad with it’s voice acting.

Enemies can see you through walls during the “stealth” segments of the game and there is little to no point in hiding dead bodies because they disappear in about two minutes. Usually I would have a lot of fun shooting Nazis, but even that is broken in this game. Shooting people with my invisible pistol or watching them fly across the screen like they’ve been punched by Hercules takes me out of the game.

The stealth segments are better than going in guns blazing because of the really bad animations, but it still fails in comparison to other games. Wolfenstein had great stealth in it for a first person shooter. You couldn’t hide bodies like you can with this game, but the knife take downs were very solid.

Some things Enemy Front does do pretty well. If there’s a plane flying overhead you can fire unsilenced weapons without being detected, but once again there are games that does this a lot better. Sniper Elite is one of them.

Enemy-Front-3 (1)In the end Enemy Front isn’t even an average game. There are people that are praising what it does well, but it’s offset by everyone that it got wrong and there is a lot of that in this game. This was a golden opportunity for the devs to really shine because there are very few WWII shooters out today, but they missed their mark by a longshot by giving us a unfinished game. If you’re a fan of WWII shooters or are just a really big fan of first person shooters than I would recommend you wait for a huge drop in price or just rent this game because it’s honestly not worth the $40 they’re asking everyone to pay for it.

Our Verdict: 4/10

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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