Solomon Kane Review

I don’t know much about Solomon Kane. I actually know very little about him, but after watching this movie it made me want to know everything about him. 

Solomon Kane is about a man named Solomon Kane. He’s being hunted by hell because of the all the crimes he committed in his life. It should be noted that Solomon Kane is played by James Purefoy and he did an excellent job in this film.

Solomon Kane has given up his evil ways. He’s found God and lives at a sanctuary with a bunch of priest. He’s forced to leave because God has other plans for him,  but the priest won’t tell him what that plan is. Solomon Kane swore to never fight again, but circumstances arose and he ended up killing a lot of people.

He’s on a quest to rescue Meredith Crowthorn and interesting things happen along the way. I really liked this movie. A lot happened to Solomon Kane in this movie. I don’t want to spoil anything, but lets just say he was literally crucified and left for dead.

Some hardcore fans of Solomon Kane hates this film because apparently the Solomon in this movie is nothing like the Solomon in the comics. They’re actually right about that. I did some research about Solomon Kane after I watched this movie and the movie is actually very inconsistent.

That doesn’t change the fact that I really loved this film though.  I loved the enemies that Solomon fought and I loved how they were turned from regular people into servants of Malachi. I loved how Solomon Kane transitioned from cold hearted murderer to selfless hero.

kane2The special effects in this movie are really good without being out of place or over the top. I think that’s more difficult to get right than what most people would think and I thought the special effects were really good and that’s always a plus.

One thing that bothered me throughout the movie was the pacing of it. It would go from being really slow to really fast without ever really balancing itself. You could easily see that it was rushed and they packed everything that they could into one film instead of making a sequel to wrap things up nicely.

That’s just a small issue that I have with this movie. The action scenes were great, the soundtrack was great, the acting was surprisingly good by everyone in the movie, and Solomon Kane is a badass that would chase you to the ends of the world if you piss him off. This movie made me a fan of Solomon Kane and whenever a movie can do that to me it’s one worth watching and recommending to others.

Our Verdict: 8/10

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Author: Drakulus

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