Gaming Unity In The Community

The gaming community is one of the most passionate communities to ever exist. We will defend a piece of plastic to no end. Each person has their own game and crew of people to talk and game with.  downloadSometimes with this passion comes the lack of being able to get along.  Many gamer’s fuss and argue thinking their opinions are superior. Not only that, they have now become informants inside companies and know firsthand about the strategies each said company is using. Say something out of line and prepare to be bombarded with hate, rage and threats. Another quality that is lacking in the community seems to be respect. There is also a lack of unity, people fail to support one another in their goals and aspirations. I’ve had the experience of being in a group where an individual would rather respond to someone else than respond to anything that I did.  I confronted them on this and they went onto make an entire new group.  I said that to say this, there are a lot of groups on Facebook, Google Plus and other websites, but not enough unity among them. It’s a turn off to those who are not a part of the community as they see how people are treated. Don’t get me wrong, this is not occurring everywhere with everyone but it has been my unfortunate experience. This passion that so many of us have should be put to good use in respecting one another. What are your thoughts or experiences in the so called gaming community?


Author: englishgameruninhibited

I am a English Fanatic with a love for video games. so I thought why not combine the two. I post every so often to give my ideas time to gel. I have been gaming since the 90's. I love writing and reaching people.

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