Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods – June

This weeks edition of my top 5 weekly Skyrim mods is completely random. I usually like to bundle up my favorite mods together. Weapons, sex, etc, but this week I just chose five random mods. Enjoy…

5. Sevenbase Dibella Statue by  Edhildil –



Dibella is the goddess of beauty and love and yet her statues always looked very average in Skyrim. This mod changes that by making her bigger in all the right places.

4. Fairies o Skyrim by Pyrokensei –

Fairies of Skyrim

This mod adds fairies around Whiterun. Why do modders choose Whiterun for 90% of their mods? There are better locations in the game that would look a lot nicer with fairies added to them, but this mod is very nice. For now I am tracking this mod and if this is something that interest any of you than I recommend you check it out.

3. Jumonjisou_Chidori by China-YYK and Komoe Ho –

Yukimura Sanada

I love Samurai Warriors almost as much as I love Dynasty Warriors and this mod adds Yukimura Sanada’s weapon to the game. There is already a mod that adds some samurai armor to the game so I’m good. I can roleplay a Yukimura character in Skyrim. What’s not to love about that?

2. Fus Ro Door by Ceruulean –

Fus Ro Door

Are you looking for a new way to open doors? This mod might just be for you. Fus ro door lets you shout open a door with your unrelenting force shout.

Here’s a funny video.

1. Early Middleages Helmets Pack by VAultMaN30 –


The one thing that Skyrim always lacked for me was good looking helmets. This mod fixes that by adding some really great looking helmets to Skyrim. The picture above just barely scratches the surface of the helmets that have been added with this mod.

This mod adds Middle Age helmets to Skyrim. That’s something I’ve always wanted to have in the game, but it was never done. Early Middleages Helmets is my Skyrim mod of the week.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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