Sniper Elite III First Impression

Sniper Elite III is the third installment to the popular Sniper Elite games. Sniper Elite III starts off kind of weird. You’re in the middle of a warzone. Your first goal is snipe four spotters so your enemies artillery strikes would stop.

Honestly I had to adjust myself because for a moment I thought I was playing Splinter Cell because of all the action that was going on around me. The first mission was like stepping into Wolfenstein and blasting everyone to pieces.

downloadYou have the option to try and go through the whole thing with stealth and honestly I like this approach. I like when stealth games give me the option to go in guns blazing without punishing me for it and so far Sniper Elite III does that well.

I decided to use my sniper to pick off the enemy snipers before I advanced on my target. The stealth kills are nice and animations are a definite step in the right direction for this series. There are a few bugs in the game though and some of them are quite annoying. When I crept up behind someone and knifed them he died in midair instead of falling on the ground like he was supposed to.

The controls are solid on the Xbox One. Everything works amazingly well with the Xbox One controller.

nightGraphically, Sniper Elite III is a beautiful game. It’s a major step up for the series. The awesome kill cams are back and are better than ever. Getting nut shots with my sniper rifle is really fun. I love to laugh out loud when I see their junk explode from the bullet that I fired.

Is it vulgar? Obsolutely, but I fucking love it and if you got this game than you know that you do too.

The story so far is just meh and that’s a little disappointing. I honestly don’t play these games for the story, but it would be nice if some effort was put into it. The cutscenes are also subpar when compared to other games that have come out this year.

I’m really enjoying Snper Elite III right now and I’m looking forward to having my full review up soon.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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