Top 10 Consoles Of All Time

We all have our favorite game consoles that we grew up playing over the years. My very first game console was the NES. I used to sit up for hours, in my diaper, and play the original Mario game with my sister. Everyone’s list of favorite consoles will be different, but there’s no denying how much fun each one of them have given us.

10. Gameboy

I can’t think of a better way to start my list than with one of the best handhelds that ever existed. I must have spent hundreds of hours on this growing up as a kid. Pokemon, Mario, and Tetris were my crack growing up. Most kids today started off playing the DS or 3DS. I was gaming before handhelds had color.

9. Atari

What kid didn’t have one these things growing up. This console is actually a few years older than me, but I grew up playing it. Pac Man was probably my most played game when I was about two years old. That joystick brings back some really good gaming memories.

8. PS2

How can I not have the PS2 on this list? It’s the most selling console of all time and it has some true classics available on this console that you can’t get anywhere else. Champions of Norrath and and the remakes of Phantasy Star I and II were amazing games to have on the Playstation 2.

7. Gamecube

The Resident Evil remakes are enough to justify putting this console on my top 10 list. How about Mario Sunshine? The Gamecube is filled with classic games that I play to this day. Phantasy Star Online is still my favorite game to play on the Gamecube along with Resident Evil Zero. (2)

I love handhelds and there is none better than the 3DS right now. Fire Emblem Awakening, Pokemon remakes [with the exception of X and Y. Those were terrible games.], and a host of excellent Mario games makes this little gaming console just as good as some of the classics I grew up with.

5.Xbox 36

The Xbox 360 took gaming to a whole another level by allowing us to play in high definition. Some of the greatest games I’ve ever played came out on this console. Fable II, Mass Effect, Halo, and Alan Wake are among my favorites on this iconic console. I hope the Xbox One will continue to build on the success of it’s predecessor.

4.Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis ruled my childhood for years. X-men Clone Wars, Shining Force, and not to the mention Sonic. There were so many great games on this console that it would take multiple articles to list them all. What little kid didn’t grow up playing Sonic The Hedgehog? How about Golden Axe or Streets of Rage? These were some of the best that Sega had to offer us and I have countless memories of myself playing every single one of them.


The console that saved gaming is at number 3 on my list. The NES probably had the best games on it in gaming history. Just about every game that released on this console is classic. Mario is probably the most iconic game character ever created. Contra is my favorite game on the NES. (1)

Even though this console was short lived it produced some of the best games that I’ve ever played. I think my most played game of all time is Phantasy Star Online. It went from being a turn based game to an action and worked really well. I have so many great memories playing this iconic console. It really is a shame that Sega never attempted to make another console after this.

1. Super Nintendo

This should come as no surprise to anyone. I’m always telling people that the Super Nintendo is my favorite console of all time and no one seems to believe me. The Super Nintendo has more classic games on it than any other console. Super Mario World is one of my favorite games of all time and for good reason. It’s the most unique Mario game ever created. It’s one of the most unique games ever made in my opinion.

I still play my Super Nintendo regularly. It’s one of those consoles that aged very well and I play my favorite games on it often. Everyone of them aged very well and really does show that Nintendo can create some really good quality games.

I think the N64 deserves a mention here. I almost put that console on this list, but when compared it to all the other ones here it just couldn’t compete.

This wraps up my top 10 consoles of all time. I hope you guys enjoyed the list.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

13 thoughts on “Top 10 Consoles Of All Time”

    1. Thanks :].

      It was actually an easy choice for me to make. I had more fun on the Super Nintendo than I did any other console.

      I also didn’t count the Xbox One and PS4 because they just came out. Hopefully in another 5 or 6 years they would make my top 10.

  1. PS1 would be my favorite just for FFVII, Wipeout and Res Evil 2, then followed by SNES (and I would say that most of the games played on SNES now are still better than 99% of mobile games produced today and that console is over 30 years old…I really think with the technology available what passes for game on phones are inexcusably bad! And then SEGA megadrive…Herzog zwei, phantasy star, sonic, SF Champions edition.

    Nice to see the dreamcast featured 🙂

    1. Thanks. You’re right about Mobile gaming. It’s horrid right now. Maybe in a few years it’ll get better, but for now Nintendo is king in that area. The Dreamcast doesn’t get enough respect in my opinion. It’s a really awesome console. The only game I ever liked on the PS1 was the original Dynasty Warriors game. I was more into the N64 back in the day over the PS1.

      1. I thought Dynasty Warriors tactics was cool but was that PS2… Vagrant Story and Vandalhearts are 2 classic JRPG’s for PS

        Oh and Secret of Mana and Zelda simply sublime for SNES, I play SuperMario on the SNES hidden at my mum’s hope to introduce to my boys to it one day:)

        Once upon a time I had A N64 mainly for Zelda…Gamecube for Metroid Prime…and P.N.03.

      2. I still have all of consoles. Some things I just can’t seem to get rid of :].

        My girls has shown an interest in the Wii so I’m going to get them a Wii U later this year.

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