Is Cam Newton Ranked Too High On The NFL Top 100 Players Of 2014?

Cam Newton Is ranked number 24 on the top 100 players of 2014. He beat out both Big Ben and Andrew Luck. Honestly, I think Andrew Luck is rated too high on the list at number 30. He’s a good QB, but he’s not a great one yet and that’s how I feel about Cam Newton. 

I agree with that Cam Newton should be ranked higher than Andrew Luck because Luck has more weapons on the offense than Cam has right now. Cam Newton has no noteworthy wide receivers. Steve Smith is gone and you have to ask yourself who is he going to throw to now? There is no one on that offense that works harder than Cam Newton.

They made the playoffs with next to nothing for an offense and that’s impressive, but I would not have placed Cam Newton over Big Ben. Big Ben has two superbowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers and he’s arguably the toughest QB in the NFL right now.

camWhen you wrap your hands around Big Ben and try and force him to the ground he has a way of getting out and making a big play. You just can’t bring the guy down. Andrew Luck is known for losing three quarters of football and coming back in the fourth. That’s not a QB I can trust just yet and I’m a Colts fan.

Cam Newton should have been much higher on the list. He’s incredibly overrated in my opinion, but with the way the NFL is now I’m not surprised that he’s pushing the top 20. He still has a few years to go before he’ll break my personal top 20 players. He’s not even in my top 10 QB’s yet.

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Author: Drakulus

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