Over 7,000 Copies Of Sniper Elite 3 Has Been “Stolen” And Removed From Steam

Rebellion has been pretty busy lately haven’t they? Apparently they had Steam remove over 7,000 copies of Sniper Elite 3 that were “stolen”. My question is how could that many copies of their game be stolen by over 50 different sites without raising some sort of red flag?

Everyone that had their game removed from Steam are upset and rightfully so. Honestly, I don’t believe that over 50 sites were selling illegal copies of Sniper Elite 3. I could believe 3, maybe 4, but 50. Many fans, including myself, have purchased many games from other sites that sell games for a really cheap price. Steam is known to be really expensive with their games and if I can find a game cheaper than what Steam if offering, which is often, than I’ll go for it.

I didn’t purchase Sniper Elite 3 for the PC, thankfully, but many people did and I think it’s wrong for Rebellion to say someone stole that many keys and take them all back because those customers decided to buy the game for a cheaper price. In the end this all comes down to money. Rebellion wants maximum profit for their game, which is understandable, but the way they’re doing it is wrong.

Are you trying to tell me that every site on that list had stolen copies of Sniper Elite 3 and no one knew about it? How can you validate a stolen game on Steam without someone noticing it? Steam had to be told that the copies were stolen before they removed them. I don’t know about you, but I think Steam has better security than that.

Some people have purchased hundreds of games from other sites because the prices are cheaper without a single issue. As I mentioned already I could believe if one or two sites had stolen that many copies, but 50 just seems a bit suspicious to me.

I have one thing to say to everyone that had their game taken away and their hard earned money wasted. Just pirate the game and give the devs the middle finger.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

26 thoughts on “Over 7,000 Copies Of Sniper Elite 3 Has Been “Stolen” And Removed From Steam”

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  2. I’m confused. Will affected customers get a refund that they can use to purchase a legit key? It seems harsh to punish them. How are they suppose to know the seller had got the codes illegally?

    1. That’s what’s everyone is saying right now. No one would know, but they’re being punished for it. The answer to question is no they’re not getting a refund for another copy of the game. Instead the devs just gave them free dlc until July 4th. So they have until then to make up their mind on whether or not they want to buy the game again.

    1. Not really. This rarely happens. I own over 100 games on my PC and this has never happened to me once. People steal games just as much, maybe even more, on consoles than they do on the PC.

      1. Oh no! (lulz) Definitely not directed at you. Sorry. The formatting is weird on my end. My first reply was on a Mac, and the reply button was just under “Sportstalk”…so, I do not know what happened 😛

        As for this particular reply, I cannot click the reply from your last reply, so this reply looks like it is for your “not really” statement. This time on a PC.

        I am an IT guy, and yet I still cause or experience weird crap that it is without a explanation.

      2. It happens to the best of us. No worries :]. Kasuwell is like that. I’ve known him for 10 years. I think he judges PC gaming too harshly because he’s never gamed on the PC to my knowledge. Some of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had has been on my PC. I do 90% of my gaming on PC and it’s awesome :].

      3. Yeah, I have a few friends like that, but I have at least been able to get them to try things out before, modding being the number one on my “why it is awesome” list. I will admit though that my PC/console distribution switches in waves. In the late 90’s, consoles were the way to go, then I would set it aside for when a nice new computer would come in, then it would putter out, and I would switch to console again. Rinse and repeat. In the last year, it has been half and half, but the surge in the past months has favored the PC heavily. With a visit to Microcenter after DragonCon this year, my PC overdrive will be complete. Given, I probably won’t eat for awhile, but it will be worth it 😀

      4. I’m disappointed in the new consoles to be honest. I have over 100 games on my PC and not even a quarter of that on my Xbox One and it’s been out for almost a year.

        I have nothing against the Wii U though.

      5. Yeah, I knew I wasn’t going to get the newer systems for a long time. They just didn’t stand out, and I am always cautious with new technology, that is just getting even newer support. It always feels like companies are practicing on the new technology before they do anything enticing.

        On another note, I kind of feel backhanded by Microsoft because they blatantly won’t support the PC and its expansive nature with the Halo series. Even a delayed release would be nice.

        This is an aspect where I believe they are pulling an “EA”, because keeping it on the console means releasing the games for each “next gen” machine. I get “why”, but I am saddened at the limitations imposed.

        I do agree about the Wii U. It made a nice showing this year, and I think it will be my “go to” some time next year. I need my Nintendo fix…the older stuff is fantastic, but I need a new Zelda/Link, Mario Kart, and Smash Brothers.

      6. You can say the same thing about countless other companies about their console exclusive games not just Microsoft. I think people just like hating on Microsoft for everything that’s wrong in the gaming industry.

        If that’s the case how come there are no God of War games on PC or The Last of Us.

        I thought The Last of Us was okay and honestly if it did come to PC I wouldn’t buy it.

      7. I had just unloaded a lot of typing, then the damn thing disappeared…these functions are driving me nuts. So, sorry that I can’t articulate better. Doing this over again is making me edgy.

        Microsoft has a great product, and have purposely limited it in a teasing manner. This is why I demonize them. EA could have come close because each new iteration of Sims shows up with less content and is piece by piece paid, instead of getting a whole game. I don’t have a real desire to pursue a games like Sims 4, just because it doesn’t call to me at the cost, but at least the option is still there. The company just doesn’t have a series that teases me…they do it on consoles and PC, and my options are far from limited. Same for Capcom, it’s DLC’s, while piecemealed(sp?) for options, are still available.

        Microsoft and their fantastic product? The option isn’t there. I would be willing to pay, but it isn’t there. Basically, Microsoft did right by me, in the way they reached my demonizing. It is a weird compliment.

      8. Fair enough. I really haven’t invested myself in Sony beyond their MMO’s, so I really haven’t felt any of their sting in the past years.

      9. There MMO’s are… alright I guess. My MMO of choice right now is Guild Wars 2 and Path of Exile since I can’t play Phantasy Star Online 2 since the attacks started almost a month ago.

      10. Actually, those are my faves as well. More Guild Wars 2 than Path of Exile, but PoE is free, so I just occasionally go back to it. When it came to Sony, I loved Everquest in its early days. It was a painful, hardcore RPG, where traveling the one continent took hours, and there were no guides to defeating anything. It felt like a real adventure with a real community. In death, you lost EXP, and if your last binding was across the continent…well get ready to run again. EQ has changed too much for me to every go back though, just due to it being more friendly for new users. PlanetSide2 is the other fave. It is missing some of the gaming mechanics from PlanetSide, but runs smoothly in comparison…plus hundreds of soldiers on screen makes for some fun insanity. I have never played Phantasy Star Online 2. You say attacks…as in hacking?

      11. Yeah. It’s been going on for almost a month. Sega doesn’t want to ban an entire country for one person’s doing so they’re trying their best to resolve this issue. It’s a real shame since I really love that game. I remember playing the first Phantasy Star Online and loving it.

        I’m not a fan of competitive FPS games. I tried Planetside 2 and hated it for that reason. Everquest is… too generic for my personal taste. I like games with combat like Tera or Vindictus. Unfortunately games like that never have very interesting quest to do.

      12. Aargh, that’s rough. Yeah, EQ lost its magic for me a long time ago. However, it was what got me interested in storywriting for the fantasy genre. When it started, it was a game that gave a real feeling of accomplishment because everything was ridiculously hard, whereas games like WoW were spoonfeeding. Now that it tries to fit the new customer base, I can see what you mean by generic.

        As for FPS in terms of competition, I rarely stick with any game for too long a period, but Planetside had one big appeal: 100’s of soldiers on screen. Since it has that niche, it has me.

        I never got to play Tera, but I did enjoy Vindictus for the longest time. I love the physics as a means of fighting, but damn if it didn’t make my computer stutter, freeze, then sob. I really can’t wait to build a new one.

      13. If you have problems running Vindictus than you should probably stay away from Tera :].

        Vindictus in is still in my top 10, maybe eve 5, MMO’s today. I think the problem with most of Sony’s MMO’s are that they’re too generic. Even Dragon’s Prophet was repetitive after awhile and don’t even get me started with DC Universe.

        If you like action based MMO’s I would recommend Neverwinter, Raider Z, Tera, C9, or you can just wait for Phantasy Star Online 2 to be released in English. I’m really looking forward to Archage, Swordsman Online, and Bless.

        I thought Wildstar was… disappointing to say the least.

      14. Haven’t played WildStar yet. One of my friends has really pushed me to get it installed. There it is on my Desktop…waiting…

        Really don’t know if I will ever run it, honestly. I keep updating my Guild Wars 2 installation weekly, because I know that I will go back to it one day…

      15. I’m pretty addicted to Guild Wars 2. Swordsman Online just came out and so far that game is pretty awesome. I’m actually about to write about it now :].

    2. This happens just once, and it is THE problem with PC gaming? That’s a bit lopsided of a viewpoint, don’t ya think? What about the rest of the licenses that you get to keep locally on your PC, while Xbox and Playstation DRM are limited to your online login? Really, the only fool proof way of keeping your license is having the physical media that doesn’t require online validation, so your justification limits you to before xbox 360 and ps3. Not a bad choice really, but it’s still a limit.

      Then again, if this is “THE” problem with PC games, and it is insanely rare, I think I will (and have) gladly take my chances for another fourteen years, and so on.

      1. I think you replied to the wrong person lol. I never said it was a problem. I was defending PC gaming because this has never happened to me. Consoles are good to have for the exclusives, but there are many more exclusive PC games than there are console games. If I upgrade my PC I don’t have to buy new games and that’s a major plus for me.

  3. I was going to buy this game before I heard about this incident. I don’t trust this developer anymore and will not ever buy another game from them.

    1. I know how you feel. If you ever decide to purchase any games from Rebellion again be careful. If it’s not full price they might say it’s stolen :].

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