Alpha Protocol – Classic Review

Classic Fridays is back and I’ve decided to review a game that’s not old enough to really be considered a classic, but feels like one to me. The game I’m talking about is Alpha Protocol.

Alpha Protocol didn’t get a lot of love from reviewers. It actually scored quite average across the board by the big time companies. In Alpha Protocol you play as Micheal Thorton, an american spy turned rogue agent, and your goal is to find out who blacklisted you and save the world.

Alpha Protocol feels like a real spy game. You get cool gadgets, an awesome skill tree, good stealth mechanics, and a really good story. In Alpha Protocol you get to travel to real world locations like Rome. This isn’t a common thing in RPGs. People that are used to slinging fireballs or wearing plate armor might have a good time with this game because it’s different.

Instead of spells you have assault rifles and body armor that really makes you look like a real badass depending on your playstyle. Are you a guns blazing spy that doesn’t care if every in the building knows that you’re there? Than strap on some armor that has a bulletproof vest with grenades and kill everyone in sight.

Do you like stealth? Than you’ll love this game because if you play this game like a spy, which is the way to play in my opinion, then you’ll not only be able to get the drop on your enemies, but your adversaries will not know that you’re in the city until you’re ready for them to know.

01-620xObsidian did a really great on the story in this game. You have to uncover a sinister plot that could possibly cause World War III. You’ll make plenty of friends and enemies along the way. Alpha Protocol is all about the choices that you make. There are some pretty big choices that you have to make.

Will you decide to save the president or will you let him die to save the people? Will you choose love over doing your duty? I really loved the amount of choices that I to make in this game.  The dialogue is excellent and it’s backed by some really good voice acting.

The combat is a mixed bag at first. When you first start the game you’ll be really weak and miss all of shots. Even if you have a headshot there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll miss unless you’re patient and wait for the right time to shoot. This is where Alpha Protocol feels like more of an RPG than an actual stealth game. If you take your pistol skills up than you’ll be better with a pistol.

If you decide to take up your hacking ability than you’ll be able to hack into computers faster. Taking up your stealth ability will let you temporarily turn invisible. This is a good way to sneak pass some really tough areas if you don’t feel like fighting your way through everyone.

If you have on the right armor and a high enough stealth skill than you can sneak up behind your enemies and take them out without raising any alarms. I always play as a stealth character, but if I make a mistake and raise an alarm, which is rare, I’m skilled enough in martial arts and with assault rifles to fight my way out of any situation.

The boss fights in Alpha Protocol are fun. Each boss has to be fought a different way. Some bosses are easier to take down with martial arts while others are best fought from a distance. It’s up to you how you decide to fight them.

20473AlphaProtocolMoscowSisShotgunThe dialogue tree in Alpha Protocol is great. The way you talk to people influences how they react to you. Some people like a professional approach and will not like it if you don’t take them seriously. Some people even like it when you’re really aggressive and don’t bullshit around.

You can use this to your advantage in many situations. If you handle a situation wrong it could have some serious consequences later on in the game. Some npcs will even warn future people that you meet later on in the game about you.

Alpha Protocol has safe houses for you to hideout in while you’re in town. These safe houses will provide you with useful intel before each mission. Acquiring Intel isn’t free though. You’ll have to purchase it or even steal it. You’ll also have access to the black market. This will allow you to purchase new weapons and armor for your character.

Alpha Protocol has a ton of replayability. If you can complete the game as a recruit you’ll unlock the veteran class which will allow you to start the game off with an insane amount of skill points. It’s almost like a new game plus, but you don’t get to keep your items that you had from your last save file.

Alpha Protocol does have a few glitches, but it’s nothing major. One time I took cover and was floating in mid air, but it only happened to me once in three playthroughs of the game. It’s too bad that Sega never allowed Obsidian to make another Alpha Protocol game. It is truly one of a kind and hopefully one day we’ll see it again.

Our Verdict – 9/10 

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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