Is Zenimax On Damage Control Right Now?

The Elder Scrolls Online just released on Steam a few days ago and the forums were immediately filled with people that already own the game telling everyone to stay as far away as they can from this game. 

There were topics that were about 20 pages long filled with complaints that people have with the game and instead of Zenimax listening to the people and trying to fix these problems they simply shut the thread down.

That didn’t help though because another one just popped up five minutes later. People are not happy with The Elder Scrolls Online right now. It was already on sale for 50% off and it’s only been a few months since it’s released. Are things that bad now?

I decided to visit the forums again today and I was surprised to see that no one, except people that already own the game, is allowed to post in the forums. Really Zenimax? Is this the route you’re going down now?

I haven’t played The Elder Scrolls Online since I was invited to the beta before it released and it was one of the most boring experiences I’ve ever had in an MMO. There was nothing groundbreaking about the game. There was nothing interesting to do and I couldn’t immerse myself in the game because there was too many people doing the same thing that I was doing.

ESOZenimax is doing some serious damage control right now over on Steam. You can’t say a single negative thing about the game without them closing the thread down and making up some dumb excuse on why they did it.

One thread was closed down because it was too “vulgar” towards ESO. I read that entire thread and the only thing that can be considered vulgar is the word butt. There was no cursing or trolling on the thread, which is rare, and everyone was giving legitimate reasons on why they quit playing The Elder Scrolls Online.

I have already written about why I don’t like the game twice. I remember contacting Zenimax and asking them for permission to write about the game and I bashed it. I loved every second of it because this is not an Elder Scrolls game and it’s not a good MMO so please do tell me what the hell does this game do right?

People have a right to know what they’re thinking about purchasing and if you delete threads or just allow people that talk nicely about your game to post than that’s just a fucked up policy that needs to change.

If you’re thinking about getting The Elder Scrolls Online please do you research first and don’t just let comments like ” play it for yourself and find out.” Or ” This is the best MMO ever!” persuade you to buy it. Read/watch some reviews, watch some gameplay, and get as many facts about the game as you possibly can before you buy this abomination.

I really hope Zenimax fails hard. When The Elder Scrolls Online goes free to play, deny it all you want it will eventually happen, maybe Zenimax will finally get their act straight and actually listen to the millions of Elder Scrolls fans around the world before they attempt to do something like this again.

Until that day happens I will continue to use my voice to tell everyone that I can not to support this game. There are better MMO’s out there that deserve your money.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

5 thoughts on “Is Zenimax On Damage Control Right Now?”

    1. You’re not the first person that has said this. I’ve experienced everything you’ve mentioned and more in my brief time spent in ESO. I think the worst thing of all is the bots though. You can’t do anything because of them.

  1. That is painful to watch unravel. I remember doing the beta, and enjoyed it for a Sunday afternoon. After the reset, I didn’t want to go back and replay the same areas, which naturally informed me of its quality, but this…even when F2P comes, I can’t say that I will ever touch it again.

    On a better note, I will say that I have been enjoying your Skyrim coverage. You’ve been having a lot of good material posted. One of these days, I will try some of the mods, but I am getting lost in my own variance right now 🙂

    1. It is sad to see the only Elder Scrolls Online game in existence go down like this. I was hoping that this game would succeed, but deep down I know it wasn’t.

      Thanks :].

      I’m glad you enjoy my Skyrim coverage. Modding Skyrim does take a lot of time, but once you know what you’re doing it makes things a lot easier.

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