3 thoughts on “Video Games and Responsibility”

  1. How do you quantify who is responsible and who isn’t? If someone had a rough past, but has now changed their ways, can they not play games due to their history? If you need to be responsible to play a game what about watching films, sports or driving a car? You can try enforcing age ratings on games, but judging who can play based on personality traits would be impossible to police.

    1. Hey thanks for caring enough to commit on this. You are right, how do you know if someone is qualified or not? I don’t know. I had some time to think about this. People should be able to play video games. I think that if they take what is going on in the game seriously then that is a different story. In terms of driving and other types of media, the world is trusting that one would know the difference between right and wrong and if they don’t at least they won’t act on it.

      Judging their personality is never a good thing. I don’t suggest judging at all, however, if you look at past behavior, if a person has played a game and is violent and have caused mass deaths to happen, in these types of situation any violent type of media should have a hard time getting in this person’s hands. People could have a rough time and go down the wrong path, but in that situation, I’m sure they would know and learn that this thing in their past is wrong. I am talking serious offenses here. Overall, you are right who can police who plays video games? No one!

      I call it responsibility here but what I mean is being able act reasonably and not being influenced. As I stated in my disclaimer I was not trying to be politically correct. I only suggest looking at someone’s past if they have committed serious offenses (mass murders) etc. I am stating pure opinion which can be wrong!
      Want to know something more interesting? I’ve seen inmates playing video games in a documentary and I am sure they were not influenced by them. I think it depends on the person. We have the video game ratings board for all of this.
      Thanks for your comment and I really appreciate you took the time to read this! Happy gaming.

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