Destiny – Beta Impression

I played Destiny for about four or five hours straight just to get a feel for the game. I created two characters, and got them both to level 5. When Destiny started I was treated to some beautiful graphics with a very confusing first cutscene. 

I immediately created my first character and jumped in the game. The tutorial was lengthy, but it wasn’t by any means boring. You would swear you were playing a single player triple A title when you start playing Destiny because of how well everything in the game works.

DestinyThe graphics are gorgeous and this is only the first area of the game that I’ve been exploring so far. I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like. At first I had problems aiming, but that was because the sensitivity on my controller was too low. Once I adjusted the sensitivity I was good to go.

One thing that kind of bugs me about the game is the way you have to select different weapons, armor, or do anything in general. It’s like they replicated a mouse for Destiny instead of making it controller friendly. You have to hover over your items to look at them and it was really weird because I’m not used to doing that on a console.

The character models in the game look amazing. Everyone that I saw was full of detail. The lighting in this game is excellent. I found myself stopping to take in the view on quite a few occasions.

From the trailers that I saw of Destiny I originally thought that this was an open world game. After every quest you’re taken back to your spaceship to either select another quest, if you’ve ever played Warframe than you’ll have a good idea of where I’m getting at here, or go back to the main command center to restock on ammo, weapons, armor, and get rewards from various npcs.

10202620130612_000135_2_bigThe voice acting in this game is terrible. Even your character’s voice is annoying. The animations while you’re in third person are also really bad. I’m really glad this is a first person shooter because if I had to stare at my character walking like that all day long I would quit the game and never play it again.

The community was also a little dead. No one was communicating with each other. I can only blame that on the consoles. It’s a lot easier to communicate in MMO’s on PCs because all you have to do is press the enter button and type what you want to say to your friends.

In Destiny I don’t think there was even a way to say hi. Instead you get these stupid dance moves that you can activate by pressing a directing on the d-pad.

The quests in Destiny are your average fetch and kill quest like you would find in every other MMO out there, but honestly I had a blast doing them. I didn’t mind going to blast an enemy’s head off because the gameplay in this game is so good. I’ve never played an MMO like this.

Destiny VehicleThe teamwork aspect of this game is garbage though, but this is only the beta and hopefully there will be a reason for me to want to team up with random people to do quest. All of the quest that I’ve done so far aren’t very interesting. It might be because the voice acting is so bad that I don’t want to listen to the dialogue or it could be because there is nothing innovative about the quests in this game at all.

I did have a blast playing this game though and that says a lot. I can actually look past all of the flaws in this game because it’s so much fun to play. It’s like Halo meets Borderlands 2 and that’s honestly the best example I can think of.

The beta is solid and I can’t wait to jump back on it tomorrow. Hopefully as it gets closer to the release day Destiny will improve on the MMO elements. Let us form guilds and go on epic quest together.

I’m not going to slap a score on a beta, but I will admit that Destiny is addictive and slightly disappointing because I had high expectations for this game.

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I know it sounds like I’m bashing this game, but I’m not. I’m having a blast playing it. I love collecting guns, armor, and being a loot whore. There is just a lot of MMO elements missing from this beta and I hope that it will feel more like an MMO on release day.


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

2 thoughts on “Destiny – Beta Impression”

  1. I think Bungie will be breathing a sigh of relief that you liked the game. After your ESO article most developers must fear you playing their Betas 🙂

    The communication options sound okay to me. In real life I much prefer to greet people via break dancing over simply saying “hi.”

    1. Lol. The Elder Scrolls Online deserved all the hate it got from me.

      I’m glad that Destiny will be a great MMO and I can’t wait to jump back in it one day. I might wait until Christmas to get my copy.

      Break dancing does have it’s perks :].

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