Divinity: Original Sin Review

Divinity: Original Sin has been the best selling game since it’s release. Is it as good as everyone says it is? Divinity: Original Sin takes us back to the old school RPGs. It has some really deep RPG mechanics that RPG veterans will love, but people new to RPGs might find it too much at times.

There is no hand holding here. You will not see quest markers on the map or a magical glowing trail to show you where to go next. You’ll have to pay attention to everything the NPC says so you’ll know what to do and where to go. If you get lost you can always open your journal and retrace your steps. This is usually where most casual RPG players leave the game.

Graphically, Original Sin is a beautiful game. Everything is full of detail. The only downside are the character models. Your characters look good, but everyone else doesn’t. They’re lifeless and repeat the same lines over and over.

The dialogue in Original Sin is a mixed bag. Some npcs have really good dialogue while others are just plain stupid. The voice acting doesn’t make it any better. It’s horrible and I would have preferred if everyone had just stayed silent like they were in early access. Dialogue is one of the most important things that you have to get right in an RPG and it’s just okay here.

The gameplay is where Original Sin shines the most. It’s like you’re playing Xcom in a fantasy setting. Everyone on your team will have their chance to move and attack. In combat you can make it rain so you can cast ice spells to freeze your opponents or cast lightning spells to paralyze them. Fire mages might struggle though because of all the water. 77692072fb9ad1f9d8ac0dc4da0d808a_largeYou can summon tornadoes to clear the battlefield of any element in your way and make it easier for your companions to act. Boss battles are challenging at first, but the further you get into the game the easier everything becomes because of how strong you characters will get as you progress through the game. One thing that I hate about the gameplay is the sneaking. I hate how you sneak in this game. When you press the C button you’ll turn into a barrel or something else around you. The bad thing about this is that people immediately see through your disguise and you’ll have to wait until they walk away to sneak again. You move really slowly until you invest in a perk that increases your sneak skill, but it’s honestly a waste of a perk point.

Sneaking on the battlefield works like a charm though. You can easily sneak behind enemy archers and take them out with a well aimed backstab. My witchblade was excellent at doing this. She would turn invisible to enemies and at the right moment I would let her take out the archers or mages while my tank/fire mage would handle the warrior units with my healer/earth mage gives him support.

In order to learn new skills you’ll have to buy them or find them out in the wilderness. They cost thousands of gold coins, but you’ll never really be hurting for cash in this game because you can always sell your loot and rack up on tons of cash.

There is a crafting mechanic in the game that comes in very useful for crafting lockpicks and other useful items that would either be too expensive to buy or aren’t sold in bulk like most items are. Lockpicks are hard to come buy early on in the game. The best way to acquire them is by crafting them. Divinity_Original-SinI mentioned before that this game had okay dialogue. Dialogue is an important part in any story that you’re trying to tell and the story here is just average. The biggest problem with Original Sin is the fact that it’s doesn’t know if it wants to tell a serious story or ridiculous one. You’ll go from investigating a murder to reading some of the dumbest lines I’ve ever read in any game.

It’s like Larian Studios couldn’t afford good writers and they just went with what they had. It really affected my playthrough because I didn’t care what was happening in the world. I was just there for the awesome gameplay. Original Sin does have some awesome quest. Not all of them are that bad, but if you come to this game looking for a deep, engaging story than you’re going to be disappointed. If you are looking for an RPG that caters to old school RPGs than you’ll feel right at home because that’s what this game does well.

Original Sin is filled with bugs and glitches. Some times my character would get stuck in one position, but still be able to attack and perform all of his abilities. The lights would flicker every time I walk in or out of a building, and some times during a conversation the game would just freeze. PQiDVaI1CAnother problem that I have with the game is the lack of a day and night cycle. We were originally promised a dynamic day and night cycle in the game, but it’s not there. Instead, it’s always daytime unless you go to a graveyard than it’ll magically turn to night and start raining. It’s stupid, but it does look nice and my lightning mage loves it

. The gameplay will keep you engaged in the game. The world itself is beautiful even though it lacks life. None of the npcs that you meet are memorable, the majority of the quest are stale, but the main quest is okay at best. Collecting a bunch of loot is fun because you get to get some pretty cool looking armor sets.

Divinity: Original Sin has the potential to be a legendary game, but some times I felt as if this game was still in beta because it still needs a lot of work. The devs failed to deliver on most of their promises in the game and people seem to ignore that because this game caters to old school RPGs. Divinity: Original Sin is a great game and if you’re an RPG veteran than you’ll most likely love it, but I would recommend all newcomers or casual RPG players to wait for a price drop and few more patches before purchasing this game.

Our Verdict: 7/10

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

3 thoughts on “Divinity: Original Sin Review”

  1. How can you give this game a 7? Are you serious? You gave The Banner Saga an 8 if I recall correctly. Are you saying that game is better than this one?

    DOS brought life back in rpgs. It’s at least a 9 and you know it.

    1. Yes I think The Banner Saga is a better game than Divinity Original Sin. The story that The Banner Saga told blows Original Sin’s story away.

      Both games have great combat and both games are most likely going to make my top ten list this year. I can’t give a game with so many problems a score that high. If you don’t like my score than read a review you agree with.

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